Don Sweeney Comes Up Roses After Being Called Out By 10 Year Old (PHOTOS)

Don Sweeney

Looks like Bruins GM Don Sweeney’s master plan is coming into focus. However, many fans, myself included, had no idea what he was doing after the NHL draft commenced. Bruins fans were enraged, confused, and downright befuddled just like 10 year old Sam McDonald.

He went old school. No emails. No texts. No Facebook. No Twitter to voice his displeasure just a good old piece of paper and pencil….and he took Don Sweeney to task.

don sweeney letter

don sweeney letter 2

Well spot on little Sam! I was totally against the Rinaldo signing as well…maybe the Don will sign Martin St. Louis as you recommended to bring some more veteran leadership. He must have seen your letter and had been inspired today by trading away Reilly Smith and Marc Savard’s contract for local boy Jimmy Hayes….pure genius!

More to come….wow Donnie I owe you a big apology and I hope Sam has a big eraser……

Celtics Make First Two Moves of Offseason


On the first day of the NBA’s free agency, the Boston Celtics have already started to make moves. In the span of about an hour, the Celtics agreed to terms with Jonas Jerebko and Amir Johnson.

Jerebko, who arrived last year to the Celtics via trade, was a nice complimentary piece off the bench. He will continue to provide ball movement and floor spacing. He resigned for 2 years, $10 million.

Johnson is a much more impactful signing. He was a starter for the Toronto Raptors last year, averaging 9 points, 6 rebounds and 1 block. While those numbers definitely do not pop out of the screen, they are a bit misleading.

The Raptors team Johnson was on last year had a lot more shot takers than shot creators. With Lou Williams, Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozen hoisting up around 40 shots a game, there were not many opportunities for Johnson to score.

Johnson will bring to the Celtics solid midrange shooting and good defensive rebounding. While those traits sound familiar to those of Brandon Bass, Johnson is about 5 inches taller than Bass, therefor providing the Celtics opportunity to slot Johnson at the 5 and play small ball. Johnson will be payed $24 million over 2 years.

The Johnson signing probably indicates the end of the Brandon Bass era in Boston. With a crowded front court already on board, it would be unnecessary to resign Bass.


A nice day so far for the Celtics.




Boston Celtics 2015 Offseason Outlook

Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics have completed phase one of their rebuild: collect a glut of future assets. Now, they must turn those assets into impact players who can seriously help them contend. GM Danny Ainge is hunting like mad to find a team with a disgruntled superstar that wants to trade that superstar away.

Recently, the Sacramento Kings’ Demarcus Cousins has not kept it a secret that he is unhappy with the organization. Ainge will surely be formulating ways in which he can parlay all his juicy future picks from Brooklyn into someone like Cousins.

This offseason, Boston’s free agents are Jae Crowder, Luigi Datome, Brandon Bass, and Jonas Jerebko. While losing Jerebko and Datome would not be all that bad, the Celtics should definitely make it a top priority to resign Crowder to a relatively lengthy and cheap deal. While Jerebko’s skill set is redundant due to the Celtsics already-exsisting player personnel, Crowder’s is invaluable. He is the epitome of a 3 and D guy. He can lock down perimeter players on one end and can swish it from deep on the other. And at just 24 years old with no previous injuries, there will be no worries at all over his play declining.

As for Bass, he is a veteran with valuable experience. He has a solid mid range jumper and is also an excellent rebounder. Although, if he gets greedy, and asks for more money than he is worth, the Celtics should refuse because they already have young front court talent in Tyler Zeller, Jared Sullinger and Kelly Olynyk. In the end, the Celtics should resign him around the $6 to $7 million range.

As for the backcourt, the Celts have more guards than they can handle, so don’t expect any runs at free agent guards.

Maybe the Celtics sprinkle in a nice, low risk, high reward signing in Robin Lopez. Lopez provides great rim protection and a nifty hook shot on offense, while also stabilizing the Celtics front court.

If the Celtics make those little moves, it should be considered a successful offseason.

But remember, Ainge is out there lurking, and his true priority is to acquire a superstar to bring to Beantown.

Is Tom Brady better than Joe Montana?

This argument will forever and always continue to rage on, whether Brady is better than Montana or vise versa. I don’t believe that there will ever be an answer unless, Brady wins a 5th Lombardi trophy and puts up staggering playoff numbers. But, don’t forget Joe Montana is 4-0 in the Super Bowl. If that isn’t impressive enough, Montana threw for 1,142 yards, 11 touchdowns and 0 interceptions.

Tom Brady on the other has been to 6 Super Bowls boasting a 4-2 record throwing for 1,605 yards, 13 touchdowns and 4 interceptions. Brady has thrown 2 more touchdowns but 4 more interceptions. Just by looking at the stats between the two titans, you would believe that Montana is better. Montana has a better overall record less interceptions. Not so fast, the one thing people forget to look at, is the other side of the ball. In Montana’s first Super Bowl appearance in 1981 Montana played with the 2nd best overall defense in the NFL. Only 3 years later Joe Cool would be back in the big game, this time. The 49ers boasted the best overall defense in the NFL. When you combine the arguably the greatest QB ever with one of the best receivers in Jerry Rice, then give them the best defense in the league. 9 times out of 10, you can’t touch them. In 1988 Montana’s 49ers had the 3rd best defense, a year later they had the 4th best.

Its safe to say that Montana had plenty of support going into the biggest game on the brightest stage.

Tom Brady, one of the all-time greats battling, trying to carve his name into the top spot in NFL history. Brady had some great offenses in his day, but nothing like Montana. In 2001, Brady first Super Bowl the Patriots bared the 24th ranked defense against the Greatest Show on Turf. The St. Louis Rams, there is no doubt Brady didn’t have much help in that contest. But Brady won didn’t he? Great players find ways to win, no matter what the circumstance.

In 2003 the Patriots had their revamped defense at 7th overall. The Patriots were facing Jake Delhomme, Steve Smith and the Carolina Panthers. defeating them was no easy feat for Tom Terrific who proved if he got the ball late in the 4th quarter with a chance to win, he was your guy.

After just one short year past, Brady and the Patriots were right back in the thick of it all, looking to become the greatest thing in sports. A dynasty.

In 2004 Brady and company took on the Andy Reid led Philadelphia Eagles. Philly had their fair share of fire power on offense, the Patriots defense stood tall, holding Philly to 1 touchdown in the final 3 quarters. But this time, New England’s defense was the hero, not Brady. Donovan Mcnabb was given the ball back with 1 chance to drive down field and win it all. But the Patriots pass rush collapsed the pocket Mcnabb tossed up a prayer and Patriots Safety Rodney Harrison was there to seal Philadelphia’s fate.

Next come the Patriots infamous 2007 season. The Patriots perfect season, led by one of the best offenses ever. The Patriots would go up against one of the best pass rushes in Brady’s Super Bowl career, getting sacked 5 times. Brady constantly has linemen in his face getting pressure, forcing throws. Brady would go on to lose the game due to David Tyree’s infamous “helmet catch”.

In 2011 the Brady led Patriots had no defense, they were a shell of their former selves. Watching seasoned veterans like Linebacker Tedy Bruschi walk away to retirement, Mike Vrable getting traded to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The Patriots defense had to go up against a familiar foe, Eli Manning’s 2011 version of the New York Giants. The Patriots struggle to pressure Manning, struggled to hold coverage down field. Ultimately it led to Brady’s demise. The Patriots would go on to lose that one with the 31st ranked defense. Only the Green Bay Packers were worse, the Packer also lost to the Giants in the Divisional Round at Lambeau Field.

In what could be the final showdown in a Super Bowl for Brady, his defense was 13th overall. But this is where stats can be deceiving, because the Patriots tend to give up alot of yards late in the 4th quarter when the game is in hand. The Patriots went all in and signed free agent Cornerback Darrelle Revis. Coming off and ACL tear, many wondered if Revis could ever be what he once was. The Patriots also signed the tallest cornerback in the NFL, 6’4″ Brandon Browner. A year previous, Browner had been with the Legion of Boom in Seattle. But after being caught with PED’s Browner couldn’t play in the Super Bowl and would later get released. Bill Belichick saw an opportunity to make his defense great once more, all he had to do was pony up the money.

In the 2014 version of the Super Bowl, the Patriots battled Browner’s former team. The Seattle Seahawks, the Patriots defense stood tall. Making stops when needed and Brady responded throwing the game winning touchdown pass to receiver Julian Edelman. But there was over 2:00 left on the clock and the Seahawks had 2 timeouts. Plenty of time for Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

Wilson drove down the field, but not before an absolutely stunning Jermaine Kerse catch near the goal line. But the Patriots defense would make what might be one of the greatest goal line stands in NFL history. On 2nd and Goal from the 1 yard line, the Seahawks elect to throw against the Patriots goal line defense and undrafted rookie cornerback out of West Alabama Malcolm Butler jumped in front of the route to make the biggest play in Patriots franchise history, and bring Tom Brady is 4th Lombardi Trophy and 3rd Super Bowl MVP.

Both Montana and Brady have had their moments, but I strongly believe that you could find an answer for who is better between he two unless Brady wins another.

The two legends played in different eras of the game. Brady’s still going strong, can he complete his hunt for the 5th Lombardi Trophy?

40 Tons Of Love For Tom Brady (PHOTO)

tom brady

Over the last 6 months, the support for Tom Brady in the wake of Deflategate has been overwhelming ranging from rallies at Gillette stadium to the Free Brady/defending the wall led by Barstool Sports. People in New England, love Tom Brady in the same regards as other sports legends such as Larry Bird, Bobby Orr & Ted Williams.

But none of those Boston sports legends had 40 tons of support behind them like TB12.

Smart promotional move by AJN Marketing.

Let’s just hope that 18 wheeler drives right through the NFL offices in NYC.

Projecting the Patriots Starting Offense

New England Patriots

SAN DIEGO, CA – DECEMBER 07: Quarterback Tom Brady #12 and his New England Patriots teammates take the field against the San Diego Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium on December 7, 2014 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Todd Warshaw/Getty Images)

Now that the NFL’s team OTA’s are underway, we can take a look at what might be the Patriots starting lineup. Going into the draft, many believed New England would take a Cornerback in the 1st round. But there was also a sense that the Patriots might move up for CB Byron Jones out of UCONN, the Patriots didn’t do that either. But when it came to their 1st round choice, they picked 6’2″ 320 lb Defensive Tackle Malcolm Brown out of Texas. Scouts said he was a top 20 talent, but as many players do, Brown slid further and further down the draft board till pick #32. Lucky enough for New England, they had just lost All-Pro Defensive Tackle Vince Wilfork to the Houston Texans. So New England thought Brown would be a perfect replacement.


After the draft the Patriots would go on to sign multiple free agents, even some Patriots fans should remember. The Patriots inked LB Brandon Spikes and LB Dane Fletcher to 1-year deals.

The Patriots were hurting for depth at Linebacker and this is the exact veteran depth they needed. The Patriots filled their roster to the brim at 90 players. The Patriots have exactly $9,998,212 in salary cap after they signed their draft picks and multiple free agents after the draft. So lets get to assessing the roster.

Lets play devil’s advocate and say Tom Brady’s suspension stays at 4 games, for the first 4 games you have Jimmy Garoppolo under center, after that. Tom Brady re-claims his throne and the Patriots continue their winning ways.

We all know at Running back LeGarrette Blount is the starter, but with Shane Vereen going to the Giants, the Patriots need a receiving back, my best guess for a starter is last years 4th round pick out of Wisconsin James White. The 5’10” 205 lb back has great hands and is great at finding open space. The Patriots drafted White to prepare for the departure of Vereen. James White is my pick, but he has other competition like Tyler Gaffney, Dion Lewis and Travaris Cadet.

At Wide Receiver the top 4 starters would be Edelman, LaFell, Amendola and Dobson. I believe that Dobson (if healthy, which is a huge “if”) can put up some good numbers for New England. The former 2nd round pick out of Marshall has all the ability to be the Patriots deep threat. In Dobson’s first season he put up good numbers for New England. Dobson went for 37 receptions, 519 yards and 4 touchdowns. Not too shabby for a rookie. But Dobson will have to out battle Brandon Gibson, Josh Boyce and Brian Tyms.

The Patriots added great Tight end depth this offseason, bringing in, 6’7″ Buffalo Bills Scott Chandler. Scott Chandler will add an extra dimension to the Patriots offense, with Chandler and Gronkowski working the seams, it makes LaFell and Edelman even more dangerous. The Patriots also added former Washington Redskins Fred Davis. Davis will have to beat Michael Hoomanawanui for a roster spot, but I believe that you could pencil in Chandler’s name next to Rob Gronkowski.

Now, time to see who will protect Tom Brady. I strongly believe Nate Solder is a shoe-in at Left Tackle for the Patriots. While at Left Guard, its up in the air, the Patriots could go with their 4th round pick out of Florida State, Tre Jackson. The 6’4″ Guard was listed as the 2nd best all around Guard in the draft behind the Redskins Brandon Scherff. But they could go with their other 4th rounder, Shaq Mason. Mason is a big mauler at Guard, the 6’1″ 300 lb beast could fit very well in the run game. NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said he believed Mason was the best run blocker in this draft. But the one thing that allowed Mason to drop in the draft, was his lack of skill in the pass blocking department. At Center, Bryan Stork is an obvious starter. For Right Guard, its a little tougher. The Patriots don’t have a plug-and-play Right Guard, their only options are Marcus Cannon, Jordan Devey & Ryan Wendell. Wendell isn’t exactly the Patriots fix at Right Guard. He did a pretty solid job last year, but maybe the Patriots could get more out of a Marcus Cannon who is younger and bigger. Lastly at Right Tackle the Patriots have a fine starter in Sebastian Vollmer. Vollmer has been in the NFL for several years and has a great experience at the position.

Overall, the Patriots offense looks to have only gotten better in the off season, maybe New England will have a juggernaut of an offense and defense that is sub par at best. Only time will tell.


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