Shane Victorino Traded to the Angels

Shane Victorino is headed to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and in exchange, the Red Sox have acquired utilty infielder Josh Rutledge. This is just the first in what may turn out to be a busy few days for General Manager Ben Cherington before the Trade Deadline on the 31st.


Victorino was crucial to the 2013 World Series championship team that brought Boston it’s third title to the city in 10 years. Since 2013, he’s only played in 63 games over the past season and a half, and the move makes sense because of a crowded outfield the Red Sox have.

For now, Right Field will be occupied by Rusney Castillo who was signed for $73 million last season as a Cuban defector. In his stint earlier with the big league club, Castillo underperformed and was sent back down to Pawtucket. Castillo hit .230, but with the team no longer in contention this season, the team is better off letting him figure things out in the big leagues rather than in the minors.

Josh Rutledge is just 26 years old, and despite not playing in the majors at all this season, is a lifetime .259 hitter in three seasons with the Colorado Rockies. In spring training this past spring, he got beat out for a spot on the Angels roster, but it’s important to note that the Angels have a team stacked with great players all around.

It’s unclear as of now whether or not Rutledge will play for Boston or Pawtucket, but things may become clearer after the trade deadline, especially if the Red Sox move either Mike Napoli, or Brock Holt.

Despite his injuries and only playing in 63 games that past 2 years, Shane Victorino will be loved by Red Sox Nation for life for his postseason heroics including his Grand Slam that gave Boston the lead in the 7th inning of Game 6 of the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers. That at-bat sent the Sox to the World Series, and in game 6 of that series against the Cardinals, he hit a 3 run double that solidified the Red Sox win.

Classic Pedro Martinez Moments With The Red Sox (VIDEOS)

Pedro Martinez

Let’s all take a minute to forget about the faltering 2015 Red Sox team and appreciate Pedro Martinez, who will inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

Pedro Martinez was entertaining in every possible sense of the word. As goofy and lighthearted as he was during his off days, there was a serious, cutthroat and focused competitor on the mound. Every game he pitched was truly an event. He had electric stuff including 3 deadly pitches that he was known to throw at any count and made some of the best opposing hitters look flat out silly. There is a strong argument that Pedro was the most dominant pitcher in baseball during his time with the Red Sox.

To encapsulate the man that is Pedro Martinez, here is a list of Red Sox moments that were…well, the most Pedro. Let’s turn back the clock as we remember Pedro Martinez and his time in Boston.



17 K’s Vs The Yankees

A masterful one-hit, 17K performance by Pedro despite a 2nd inning home run by none other than current Sox hitting coach Chili Davis. As current Red Sox staff members, I wonder if Chili still gives Pedro grief when he sees him around Fenway for not only keeping him from a no-hitter, but from a shutout.


Tied to The Dugout Post By Nomar & Others

Pedro was known to be a pain in rear on his days off. Nomar and others jokingly got fed up and tied Pedro to a dugout pole with medical tape. The only problem is they missed taping his mouth shut.

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EA Sports Uses Tom Brady & Twitter To Destroy Seahawks (PHOTOS)

EA Sports

Hey Seattle, why are you messing with the all holy EA Sports Madden ’16? The same game that pretty much predicted Super 49 score for score? They evidently have a direct line to the football gods and bitching about your player rankings has angered them.

Silly little Seahawks…

Let the twitter inferno begin….

Damn that has to hurt like a lot….. Well maybe not as bad as this….or perhaps some TB12 right in that gaping open wound?

Just accept that your head coach made the worst call in Super Bowl history and shut it!

Big Papi & Gronk Sing A Latin Love Song About Iced Coffee (VIDEO)

big papi gronk

Big Papi & Gronk have teamed up again with Dunkin’ Donuts for something a little softer. This new singing sensation has done a love song that Jon Secada would be proud of.

Get your lady, an iced coffee and make some sweet amor.

Oh yeah for all the youngins out there this is Jon Secada….

Linen clothes for all!

This ESPN Commercial Will Piss Off Patriots Fans (VIDEO)

ESPN Patriots jab commercial

When ESPN is not giving LeBron James a tongue bath or the ESPY for the best championship performance (when he lost), they are taking pot shots at the New England Patriots. In their fantasy football commercial, ESPN makes a deflategate joke at the Pats’ expense.

WARNING PATRIOTS FANS: Your blood pressure will go up and you may be inspired to drive to Bristol to overtake their campus with pitchforks and torches.

“More soft than the footballs in Foxboro”… f’n hilarious!

Who wrote that piece of comedic gold?

Chris Berman?

Funny thing ESPN, your Chris Mortensen was dead wrong with his report that 11 of the 12 balls were under regulation which made you look like an even bigger collection of incompetent fools.

What a way to remind everyone how you started this witch hunt that was a sham from jump street!

Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Thornography

Bruins Rookie Jake DeBrusk Is A Peddler Of Goal Scoring FILTH (VIDEO)

jake debrusk

Bruins rookie Jake DeBrusk already has had the crowd losing their minds in his first developmental camp. His shootout goal showed that his a peddler of goal scoring filth.

We see you, @jdebrusk!! (Via @NHLBruins) #bostonbruins #bruins #nhlbruins

A video posted by Weekend at Bergy’s (@weekendatbergys) on

Hey kid, with moves like that, you may be breaking the line up sooner than expected…..

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