Boston Sports Blogapalooza Is Coming

What is Boston Sports Blogapalooza (BSB) you ask?

It started as a Bruins tweet-up but has morphed to something bigger. Much bigger.

I am relatively new to the Boston sports blogging scene, I have been writing for Boston Sports Then And Now for six months. Writing is an untapped passion I never knew I had.

I have met a lot of great people via Twitter, who write about the Red Sox, Bruins, Celtics, Breakers, and Patriots. All of these bloggers write with passion and great dedication to their favorite team(s). Boston Sports bloggers are a tightly knit community and I can proudly say I have been accepted with open arms.

But, how do I get all of these Boston Sports Social Media Outlets (that’s what bloggers are folks!) in one place?  Then it came to me in a vision!

Boston Sports Blogapalooza!

My event marketing background kicked in full throttle and the rest is history.

Why not organize an event where bloggers can meet, network, share social media ideas, and of course talk sports? Oh did I mention drinks and music too?

BSB will also provide a venue for Boston sports bloggers to meet local sports media members. Share your thoughts and opinions with the media bloggers, beat reporters, and radio show hosts in person! It’s all about networking folks and in a fun laid back atmosphere (no suits and resumes required!)

What can be better than spending an afternoon talking sports?

I am still in the planning stages of this event. I have been gauging interest and the interest is there! Currently, I have over 15 websites on board and four Boston media members.

But I am not satisfied. I want more (devilish laugh)!

Folks, I am now relying on your help. We need to use the power of social media to our advantage. Please tweet this, put it on facebook, bookmark it on stumbleupon, and link to it in on your blogs. Let’s build the buzz!

We need to get people excited about this.

We need to show companies that sponsoring this event will be worth their investment.

Companies know or will know that bloggers are a viable medium to talk up their products and promote their services. It’s all about inbound marketing.

Boston Sports Blogapalooza= business opportunities galore.
The tentative events details are as follows:

Event: Boston Sports Blogapalooza

Timing: A Saturday or Sunday Afternoon/early evening in the February-April timeframe

Venue: Boston Area Bar/Pub

Scope: 100-200 bloggers and fans

So Boston Sports Blogger Nation, help me spread the word and make this happen!

Please email me with any questions or feedback about the event at

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