Nava Having No Problem Adjusting to Majors

Nava is hitting .500 (4-8) with 5 RBI in his first 2 games in a Red Sox uniform

The Red Sox have experimented with a plethora of outfielders this year due to injury and under performance. Ellsbury, Cameron, Drew, Reddick, Van Every, Hall, Hermida, McDonald, and now Daniel Nava have all started for the Sox in the outfield. It’s been a rotating door all year and hopefully Nava can provide some consistency to the position.

Called up Saturday, the 27-year-old slugger made baseball history cranking the first major league pitch he saw from Phillies starter Joe Blanton into the Sox bullpen over the right field fence.
The kicker?

The bases were loaded.

Nava becomes the second player in MLB history to hit a grand slam on the first pitch of his major league career.

Kevin Kouzmanoff of the Rangers accomplished the feat in ’06. Nava also hit a double later in the game and went 2-4 in his debut. The rookie backed up his impressive performance with a pair of hits in yesterday’s contest, including another double, and an RBI.

Is it realistic that he’ll keep up this hot streak?

Not at all. However, if he can provide a solid presence in the lineup and hit consistently for both average and power (what he was known for in the minors), he will make a big difference.

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