Bruins, Belts & Beers: The Best Damn Viewing Party Period

Better combo than peanut butter and chocolate.

BST&N joined forces with reigning Bruins Blog champ, Days of Y’Orr for a Bruins-Habs Viewing Party at the Place on March 8th.

The boys of DOY always make a grand entrance. And this night was no different. Rob, Greg, Jon, and Justin all entered the Place with championship blog belts draped over their shoulders.

Was this a Bruins game or Wrestlemania?

The crowds soon followed them like blogging pied pipers!

The puck dropped as did Johnny “Devourer of Souls” Boychuk to the ice as he got his ass handed to him. This was a theme for the rest of the game.


Boston’s effort versus Montreal might have disappointed, but this gathering of over 50 fans of the Black and Gold did not.  Nothing beats watching a game with people who are passionate about their hockey team.

It’s a kinship.

It’s family. It’s cold brew and Jameson shots (Thanks Dan!).


You are amongst friends, old and new.

Coming to a BST&N/DOY Viewing party is not just about booze, hockey, and crazed Bruins fans (well it’s mostly about booze if the game sucks). It’s also about the wicked awesome Bruins art, apparel, and memorabilia raffle!


There was a great selection of Bruins t-shirts from Supahfans, Days Of Y’Orr, and Bottom Line Apparel up for grabs. There was kick ass Bobbby Orr abstract art from Chris Deroy. Dalton Sports Memorabilia stepped up in a big way by donating an autographed Tyler “Title” Seguin 16X20 autographed photo which Steve Altieri walked away with.

Black and Gold smiles all around.

See ya for the Playoffs!

Our host, the Place, also contributed a $100 gift card to the festivities and food to boot!  A BST&N/DOY shout to Andre, SJ, and Heather for making us feel like royalty!

We hope to see you all at the Bruins Playoff Party at the Place this spring!

Hopefully the Bruins will bring a better effort and Z cuts back on destroying the opposition.

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