Live at the Scene: Lowell Spinners Fall to Williamsport CrossCutters, 3-1

A live report from Lowell.

The Lowell Spinners fell last night to New York Penn-League Rivals Williamsport CrossCutters, by a score of 3-1.

I will have the honor of covering the Spinners live several times this season and I got some great pregame interviews with some of the players and coaches last night. You can check out each interview here for Garin Cecchini, Travis Shaw and Rich Gedman.

In the first inning starting pitcher Jason Garcia looked sharp using a 90-92 MPH fastball with good cutting movement down and in to a right handed hitter. He walked one batter who then stole second, but he struck out two and his last one was on a hard 81 MPH curveball. Velocity went down to 87 in the second inning. The first hit of the night was Garin Cecchini’s two out double in the first inning but a Travis Shaw groundout to first base ended the inning soon after.

Garcia continued to show inconsistent velocity throughout the game and he seemed to throw mostly fastballs. He used his curveball a bit which had a nice tight break on it. After the first inning his velocity seemed to stay around 87. The higest he hit was 92 in the first inning a couple of times.

The Spinners pulled off an amazing double play in the fourth inning when Jason Thompson showed terrific range on a groundball. He flipped it to the shotstop JT Garcia from behind his back who threw out CrossCutter Maikel Franco at first base. The CrossCutters would take the lead that inning after a hit and a walk. Cody Asche hit a groundball to Thompson after that and Boss Moanaroa was slow covering first base. After that he did not catch the ball although Asche would have been safe anyways, but it allowed the runner on second to score.

Thompson was someone who impressed me defensivley. He made a few good plays out there including turning that incredible double play and he also picked up a hit on offense. But then he also got caught stealing third base after the catcher bobbled the ball. He hesitated but then went for third base and then he was thrown down when CrossCutter’s catcher Francisco Diaz recovered.

Thompson tied the game in the seventh inning with a solo shot, his second hit of the night and the Spinners fifth. Thompson was just hitting .208 on the season before the game but he seemed to turn it on on that night.

Williamsport took the lead in the eighth after a sacrifice fly by Harold Martinez, the DH. The sac scored left fielder Aaron Altherr and was the second out of the inning off Hunter Cervenka. The CrossCutters would score another run and the Spinners would not be able to score again. They had a ninth inning rally with second and third but there were two outs, and they were not able to get the job done.

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