CSNNE Night With Shawn Thornton

Bruins forward #22 Shawn Thornton and CSNNE Bruins Insider Joe Haggerty at a press event at West End Johnnies last night

Last night many Bruins bloggers and writers throughout New England had the pleasure of attending a Bruins press event sponsored by Comcast Sports Net New England. Held at Boston’s West End Johnnies, the night was filled with great hockey minds coming together with a special focus on Bruins’ enforcer Shawn Thornton. Comcast Sports Net feel they offer some of the best unbiased coverage in professional sports, this event’s purpose was to promote their excellent coverage as well as thanking various bloggers and writers from around the area for their own contributions.

Comcast Marketing Director Skip Perham was the master of ceremonies beginning the festivities by thanking us for all coming and helping promote Comcast by giving us a chance to experience their coverage first hand. After the thankful introduction Perham turned the microphone over to Comcast’s Bruins Insider Joe Haggerty. After Haggerty introduced himself, thanked us for being there, and shared a few jeers with fellow Comcast Analyst Mike Felger he invited Shawn Thornton up on stage. The interview with Thornton was very entertaining considering how much of a character the Bruins enforcer is. Thornton himself was not without his own jeers for Felger.

Some of the most entertaining highlights of the night came from the audience asking Thornton questions of their own. Comcast Television Broadcaster Kevin Walsh was on hand to take the microphone around the audience. One person in attendance asked Shawn if he had any plans about getting into broadcasting and becoming a radio or television analyst, Shawn looked at him and said very dryly “I wouldn’t be doing this for nothing” and had everyone laughing. Another great moment had Thornton expressing his desire to retire a Bruin and quickly laughing about how he forced his hand and hopes Bruins General Manager Peter Chiarelli isn’t watching.

Following the Thornton interview Mike Felger, former NHL player and Massachusetts native Tony Amonte, and former Bruin now radio analyst Bob Beers came onto the stage to promote their show which covers the Bruins and all things hockey called “Sticks and Stones”. The three had great chemistry together and Felger joked saying “Everytime I think I’m right about something, these guys are always here to prove me wrong”. Another highlight saw Bob Beers answer a question from the audience asking him and Amonte who were the hardest players to play against with Beers quipping “Whenever the top lines came on, I was quickly pulled off the ice”.

After the interviews came to a close Skip Perham came up on stage and thanked us again for coming and to help promote Comcast as the best unbiased sports coverage around. Perham and the Comcast crew did an excellent job with the event and it was a joy to attend. West End Johnnies is a great place and the hospitality was outstanding. Getting a chance to meet Shawn Thornton in person as well as conversing with fellow bloggers and writers was a wonderful experience for myself and everyone involved. Comcast Sports Net New England continue to do an excellent job with their coverage and they undoubtedly have set the bar high in the industry.

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