Nordiques Nation Invades TD Garden For Bruins-Islanders Game

Over 300 Members Of Nordiques Nation Invaded TD Garden

When my buddy and I scored tickets from our friends at the Place, we thought a game against the New York Islanders would be a cake walk for our beloved Bruins. This was so far from the case. The New York Islanders, who are second to last in the conference, gave the Bruins everything they could handle.

The Isles took leads of 2-1 and 3-2 on an icing call that was not called. However, you can’t blame the refs for your players not playing to the whistle. The Bruins would not only lose the game, but also goalie Tuukka Rask and forward Daniel Paille to injuries.  When it rains it pours as it did outside the Garden, the injuries are mounting and Boston continues to be consistently inconsistent as they have not won back-to-back game since early JANUARY.

So enough about that dreadful game, let me share a very cool story with you. My friend and I entered the Boston Sports Grille prior to the Bruins game for some pre-game brews and we noticed jerseys with Stastny, Goulet and Sakic emblazoned on them. The blue, white and red of the Quebec Nordiques almost drowned out the Black & Gold of the hometown Bruins.

Nordiques fans have been on an odyssey to bring hockey back to Quebec City ever since their team bolted to Colorado after the ’94-’95 season.  You may recall that 1,600 Nordiques fans invaded Newark for a Devils game last year. The group that came to Boston was much smaller numbering about 300. I was just scratching my head asking myself how the hell did they get 300 tickets when I can barely get two for myself!?

Best Sign Of The Day

We talked to a older couple of Nordiques fans and they told us in a heavy French accent how they took a bus at 2AM eight hours to get to Boston for the game.  Wow that is dedication to the sport you love! The female Nords fan told us that she had adopted the Bruins as her team ever since her old team ran off to the Rockies.  She said, “My Bruins won the Stanley Cup.”

The Nordiques fans were scattered throughout TD Garden. You could pick out the specs of blue in the crowd quite easily and heard their cheers. I even had some Nords fans in my section (307). One of them held up a sign that read, ” We Hate The Habs Too!”  This was indeed a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Granted Quebec has not been an “enemy” of the Bruins since the mid 90’s.

Just like the folks in Winnipeg, I hope the people of Quebec City get a hockey team soon. They are much more deserving of a franchise than the fraudulent cities of Phoenix and Miami.

Damn I miss those game with the Nords. Those were some great Adams Division clashes.  Check out these great battles and memories:

Good luck Nordiques fans, I hope you get your hockey wish very soon. You are indeed TRUE fans of hockey.

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