Hey John Henry, Help Red Sox Fans For Once! Buy The Buckner Ball & Destroy It! (Photo)



Hey John Henry, enough about the Liverpool soccer match coming to Fenway Park. Enough about bricks and birthday bats! How about do something for Red Sox fans for ONCE!

Why not pull the change out of your coach and buy that dreaded “Buckner Ball” from the ’86 World Series!

For JUST $107,550 which we know your wife, Linda Pizzuti has in her purse right now, you can rid your coveted Red Sox nation from one of the MOST PAINFUL memories in franchise history (I am sure there will be more coming in the not too distant future). You can also free Bill Buckner from the black cloud that has floated over his head for 26 years.

But of course, I know how you work Mr. Henry. You will probably buy the ball and charge people to witness it’s final demise.

And of course sell merchandise and memorabilia.

I can see it now, “Buy Pieces Of The Dreaded Bill Buckner Ball For Only $1986 Per Sq. Inch!”


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