BST&N Exclusive Interview With Patriots CB Sterling Moore

New England Patriots CB Sterling Moore takes time to answer questions with BST&N for an interview.

The New England Patriots were aided in their route to the Super Bowl this past year by an unlikely contributor. A rookie corner back, who did not join the organization until October, made a magical play on what would have been the game-winning touchdown for the Baltimore Ravens to send them to the Super Bowl.

This player is none other than Sterling Moore, who is looking to build on the momentum from that play and become a bigger contributor in 2012.

Boston Sports Then and Now was lucky enough to speak with Sterling for an exclusive interview:

BST&N: Explain the play with Lee Evans in the AFC Championship game. What led up to your clutch play?

Sterling Moore: The play call came in late from the sideline, but I knew I had to play man-on-man. They hadn’t thrown to  him (Lee Evans) all drive, but I had to be ready. He ran a front route and made a good effort on the ball, but I just didn’t give up on the play.

BST&N: Explain the ensuing two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, you were everywhere (ESPN, Sports Illustrated)!

SM: It was a crazy time, but it was one play. We were a split second from losing the game. I was on the upside of the play, but could have just as easily been on the downside of it. I don’t want this to be the pinnacle of a short career.

BST&N: Can you take away momentum from this play? Do you believe in that?

SM: Yes, I believe I can take momentum. It proves I can make plays in a big game with it on the line and lets me know I can play on this level and that I deserve to be here.

BST&N: Can you describe the roller coaster last season? You were released four different times and signed to the 53 man roster three times.

The play in the AFC Championship game that sent the Patriots to the Super Bowl.

SM: It was a roller coaster. When I had to change to safety immediately after being signed right before the Jets game in October my head was spinning. I had to start that game and play every snap – then I was released; it was crazy. Later in the season when I was resigned I was definitely more at home. In the end though, I just want an opportunity to make plays.

BST&N: Heading into training camp it looks like Devin McCourty, Kyle Arrington, Ras-I Dowling, Will Allen and others are up there on the depth chart, how do you make your mark heading into the 2012 season?

SM: It’s a competition and I need to make my repetitions count and not complain. I need to continue to try and force takeaways.

BST&N: What is your mentality out there when trying to force turnovers from the corner back position?

SM: I need to get my hands on the ball anyway possible. It’s me versus the wide receiver. It’s all about will power and not letting the wide receiver embarrass me because at the end of the day I need to put food on my table.

BST&N: You’re from California, you played college ball in Texas, tell us what you think about Foxboro.

SM: It’s small, I’m used to big cities. I have to get in my car and drive to go eat, I can’t just walk around the corner. I love it though, you need different experiences in life, so I am adapting.

BST&N: Talk about your time at Southern Methodist University in Texas.

SM: I was a two star recruit, so when I showed up, they were like ‘who are you?’ I had to climb to the top – to the field. Very similar to my time with the Patriots thus far, so I have definitely kept that mentality.

BST&N: How about SMU’s hire of legendary coach Larry Brown?

SM: I am pumped. I hope he can bring intensity and legitimacy as we head to the Big East!

Many thanks to Sterling Moore and to Willis & Woy Media Group for making this interview possible. Best of luck to Sterling and BST&N hopes to touch base with him again soon!


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