Red Sox Crowded Outfield

Ellsbury Hurt

Jacoby Ellsbury walking off the field at the home opener.

Scott Podsednick. Daniel Nava. Ryan Sweeney. Darnell McDonald.

If you thought that group of guys would be the Red Sox outfield on June 13, I would call you crazy.

Podsednick was let go by the Phillies and impressed the Red Sox in a quick stint in Pawtucket. Nava was left off the spring training roster and was even in the minor league portion of the media guide and just was called up at the right moment. Ryan Sweeney was the throw-in, in the Andrew Bailey trade. McDonald is only on the roster to hit left handed pitching as he is the only one of the group a true right handed hitter as Nava is a switch hitter. This is also after the Red Sox released Marlon Byrd last Saturday.

Cody Ross. Carl Crawford. Jacoby Ellsbury.

What was thought to be the Red Sox projected outfield of the winter are all on the disabled list. Crawford has been on the DL all year and Ellsbury was hurt in the home opener. Ross was injured most recently is projected to be back next week as he begins a rehab assignment this Friday at Pawtucket.

Soon the Red Sox will have some roster decisions to make. Ellsbury who I believe will not be with the Red Sox beyond next year, has low value right now to be traded as he is injured. Crawford’s contract is unmovable. Ross could help a contender if the Red Sox continue to struggle. Ross being a right handed hitter makes me believe McDonald’s days are numbered. Of course if Kevin Youkilis is moved that opens up another roster spot for an outfielder. Ellsbury has been a slow healer and there is not real projected date as to when he will be back. Crawford just started swinging a bat while he has been facing many setbacks.

Bobby Valentine and Ben Cherrington will definitely have some decisions to make in the upcoming weeks. I feel the Sox outfield when all said and done with be Crawford, Ellsbury, and Sweeney. Ross will be moved. McDonald will be cut. Nava and Podsednick will be left in a battle for the bench spot. Ryan Kalish is also hitting well in AAA which could also spell another move. What we know is changes are coming and seemingly no one is untouchable except Crawford and Ellsbury for the time being.

5 comments on “Red Sox Crowded Outfield”

  1. Alex says:

    I agree, Ellsbury”s days with the Sox are probably numbered. Trade him when he’s at his peak value Sox have a lot of good talent coming up.

  2. Nathan Farrell says:

    they probably should have traded him after last season when his value was as high as it'll ever be, now he needs to get healthy and prove he can do it again

  3. Bob says:

    Wasn’t there an article pretty much identical to this on this site a week ago?

    1. Carl Desberg says:

      Bob, there was no such post a week ago. Thanks for reading though!

  4. Will Ellsbury make a come back? I don't think he has it anymore. He looks distracted and his body language is dull.

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