Move Over Wendy’s: NESN’s Jenny Dell Is The New “Baconator” (PHOTOS)

I am on vacation up in the White Mountains this week and watched my FIRST Red Sox game of the year. And the HIGHLIGHT of the game was of course, NESN reporter and complete SMOKESHOW, Jenny Dell.

I was able to observe Jenny in all her full blown HOTNESS. Still photos like the one above from Ms. Dell’s invasion of Seattle is nothing like her in HD on a plasma.

DAMN, it ALMOST makes your ticker STOP!

I thought to myself what on the planet earth is as TASTY & DELECTABLE as Jenny Dell decked out in red?

Here is my answer:


Well my bud Obnoxious Boston Fan took the bacon simile to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL!


The similarities between Jenny Dell and arguably the BEST fast food sandwich in the WORLD are UNCANNY.

Both are built to PERFECTION.

Both are STACKED.

Both have GREAT BUNS.

Both look GREAT and both probably…….(you fill in the blanks gents! not going down that road or my wife will grab the gun behind the toilet and off me in a row boat GODFATHER style!)

Well, I am HAPPY to report that Jenny has embraced this new nickname wholeheartedly:

Sorry WENDY!

Redheads can’t hold a match to the HOTTEST woman in Boston.

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