Enemies Of The Black & Gold State: What’s Bruin With The Habs & Canucks (PHOTOS)

Well, hockey season is only two months away (we hope) and it’ NEVER too early to go HATIN’ on the Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks. All Bruins fans know these two franchises are “Enemies of the Black & Gold State”.  So here is a quick update on our HATED adversaries!


It looks like Habs fans have been pushed to edge. This poor guy can not deal with their 19 year cup drought and has HAD ENOUGH (along with the rest of the human race) of that STUPID “OLE, OLE” chant. I am not an advocate for violence or guns, but dude heaven will be a lot more PEACEFUL unless the heaven (or hell) you go to is NOT FRENCH SPEAKING!


Vancouver Canucks goalie Corey Schneider (the one that actually HAS BALLS ) gave folks a tour of his home in Boston. Now I know Corey is a “hometown” guy, but sorry he is wearing the douchiest jersey in the NHL. Plus those “Risky Business” glasses he is wearing screams ARROGANT B*TCH (now remember he was a BACKUP until Bobby Lu SH*T his hockey pants).

So the Vancouver minion followed him around and recorded his daily activities (if anyone gives a RAT’S FAT ASS), but they made a CARDINAL SIN in these parts.

6:45 – We leave Schneider in peace to do his workout. Duncan Donuts, here we come! We arrive and the vegetarian in the crowd, moi, is flustered when the lady at the counter says they are out of everything vegetarian. Boston 1 Derek 0

Do you see anything WRONG with the entry above?

DUNCAN Donuts, are you f*cking kidding me?!?!

Wow, I HATE the Canucks EVEN MORE if that is actually POSSIBLE. You NEVER, I mean NEVER crap on DUNKIN’!

Ok, let the HATE FLOW for our “friends” in Montreal “East” & Montreal “West”!


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