3 Tweets You MUST See Regarding Tim Thomas’ Support Of Chick-Fil-A

Bruins Former Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas continues his Facebook agenda, this time he showed his support for the Cathy Family who owns the fast food restaurant chain, Chik-A-Fila. The same Cathy family who is against gay marriage.

Tim, do us all a favor SHUT THE F*CK UP and go back to you bunker in Colorado. NO ONE cares about your agenda. We are SICK of you using your Stanley Cup “Celebrity Status” to spew your “views”.

Just GO AWAY…you turned your back on your teammates former teammates and on the fans of the Boston Bruins.  Your legacy in this town is TAINTED forever. The Tim Thomas that the “Hub of Hockey” had a love affair for in the Spring of 2011 died on June 15th after he raised the Cup.

I am not the only one who is SICK of  Thomas’ antics. Here are a couple of tweets from Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference and actress Alicia Love who starred in a commercial with the once adored Bruins goalie.

I was tweeting with Andrew Ference last night and told him that we had “Ference Friday” on my Big Bad Bruins Facebook page and here is his HILARIOUS response:

This says it ALL. The Bruins players are SO DONE with Tim Thomas.

Then there is Alicia Love.  You may remember that WICKED FUNNY (well at the time when people ACTUALLY LIKED Thomas) “Peggy” commercial in the Boston cab:

BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE! Good for you Alicia!

So this is just a SMALL sample of the disappointment, anger and utter bewilderment regarding Tim Thomas who has gone from hockey HERO to ZERO in just 13 months.

GOOD RIDDANCE and I can say this for ALL Bruins fans (or the ones that haven’t put Tim Thomas on a holy pedestal), it’s “TUUKKA TIME”!

And oh yeah..here are some words that I thought would never come across my lips, “Roberto Luongo Is Right”

Dead on Bobby Lu, I STILL don’t like you, but I RESPECT you more now….tip of the cap to you sir!


 Side of Boston Bakes Beans Goes To Puck Daddy!

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