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UPDATED 4:40  So that is it.  The Red Sox get Breslow for Albers and Posednik.  They keep all of their key major league players.  They keep all of their key minor league pieces.  They do need some tweaks but it’s nothing that can’t be addressed in the waiver period in August.  I agree with not doing anything too extreme like trading a Lester or a Pedroia and I don’t think there was anyone out there worth giving up a high level prospect like Xander Boegarts or Matt Barnes.  Any significant changes will take place in the off-season when you have more time to work on a complicated deal.  Again in regards to Beckett, he was a 10/5 guy and it is a complicated situation to move him, as we saw with Ryan Dempster.  The Red Sox may make some bold moves in January but for now they will try to make it to the post-season with what they have.  As it has all season it will fall on Beckett and Lester to get them over the hump.  There really wasn’t an obvious upgrade for either pitcher out there so we’ll see how they respond.

FYI the Red Sox acquired 27-year old knuckleballer Steven Wright from the Indians in exchange for Lars Anderson.

UPDATED 4:25  Pawtucket 1B Lars Anderson has been sent to Cleveland for a minor league pitcher who is yet unnamed.  Anderson was never going to make it with the Sox and his stock has dipped in the last few years.

UPDATED 4:15  The Yankees have acquired back-up IF Casey McGehee from the Pirates for RP Chad Qualls.  It was a quiet deadline but the Red Sox can still tweak their roster during the waiver deadline in August.  They will look for a right-handed bat and maybe a guy for the right side of the infield.  It looks like the rotation will be made up of the guys that they’ve got from here on out.

UPDATED 4:00  The trade deadline has come and gone.  The Rangers have gotten Ryan Dempster according to Buster Olney.  It seems like the AL East may have stayed pat with the exception of the Breslow trade which seems good for the Sox as the other 3 teams behind the Yankees needed some help.  Obviously we can hear about deals after 4:00.

UPDATED 3:50  Things are quiet with 10 minutes left.  WFAN in New York is reporting that the Yankees are close to acquiring Ryan Dempster but no one else is reporting it.  So the Red Sox are the only AL East team to make a deal today unless the Yankees get Dempster

UPDATED 3:37  Gordon Edes from ESPN Boston says that the Red Sox were likely done but I’m sure they are still talking about minor deals.  We’ll see if anything comes together by 4.

UPDATED 3:22  A quick note, Nick Cafardo reported on NESN that Clayton Mortsensen is in Boston so another move seems to be pending.  Maybe Aaron Cook?

The Red Sox have acquired LHP Craig Breslow from the Diamondbacks

UPDATED 3:01  Peter Abraham just confirmed the deal on NESN.  The deal makes sense for both teams that are trying to keep afloat in the wild card races.  The D-Backs needed a righty for the bullpen and the Sox needed a lefty.  Breslow should help the Red Sox, particularly against a left-handed heavy team like the Yankees.  He also frees Franklin Morales to move from the bullpen to the rotation as need be.  Here is a link to Craig Breslow’s baseball-reference.com bio.  He’s 31 years old and under team control for another year.  I’d expect another move or two to tweak the bench and maybe grab a guy that could help in the Red Sox rotation.

UPDATED 2:58 Nick Cafardo is reporting that the Red Sox are close to acquiring veteran LHP Craig Breslow from the Arizona Diamondbacks.  He is 2-0 with a 2.70 ERA this year with 40 appearances.  Breslow pitched for the Red Sox in the 2006 season and was 0-3 with a 3.75 ERA in 13 appearances.  Diamondbacks beat writer Jack MacGruder now confirms Breslow for Matt Ablers and Scott Posednik.

UPDATED 2:33 We’re an hour and a half away from the deadline.  The Red Sox are talking about some tweaks but, as expected, a blockbuster doesn’t seem to be on the horizon.  With Sweeney out for the rest of the year it makes sense to go for a right handed bat off of the bench.  The Red Sox are looking for another LHP out of the bullpen to use Morales more flexibly.  That also likely spells bad news for Rich Hill going forward.  I still see Shoppach and some other pieces going the other way.

Ryan Dempster is showing how hard it is to trade a 10/5 guy

UPDATED 1:55 PM Not much on the Red Sox front now.  Peter Gammons reported on MLB Network that the Sox were in on a left-handed reliever so they could use Morales as a starter.  Nick Cafardo is hinting that Lavarnway might join Ryan Kalish on the I95 express up from Pawtucket.  It would hardly be a surprise at this point if Shoppach went so it seems like pretty simple speculation.  One more note for the people who are so eager to trade Josh Beckett – a few weeks ago the Cubs were set on trading Ryan Dempster and wanted to move him quickly to make room for other moves.  Dempster, like Beckett, is a 10/5 player and can veto any trade.  Dempster has wanted to go to the Dodgers and no one else which has basically hamstrung the Cubs in negotiations as they can’t use the open market to leverage their return package for Dempster.  Now here we are, about 2 hours before the trade deadline, and a guy who they wanted to trade a month ago may not get moved because he has refused to waive his 10/5 rights

UPDATED 1:00 PM Still quiet in Boston.  Nick Cafardo was just on MLB Network but he only reiterated his earlier report that the Sox would not be in on Garza.  News has been slow across the league since the report of the Pence trade.  Things seem quiet now but it is probably the calm before the storm.  Also the Red Sox and Rangers have not talked about Beckett all day and they aren’t expected to.  Things may change during the waiver period depending on how desperate Texas is for pitching and how the Sox’ season is going.  Sometimes it’s just easier to stand pat.

UPDATED 12:24 PM Not only will the Phillies trade starting CF Shane Victorino away to the Dodgers but CBS’ Jon Heyman reports that they will ship starting RF Hunter Pence out west as well to San Fransisco.  Looks like Jonathan Papelbon made at least a lateral move in the off-season

The Red Sox are not in on Cubs SP Matt Garza

UPDATED 12:13 PM Nick Cafardo keeps the updates coming.  First he reported that Ryan Sweeney will miss about two months after punching the dugout wall last night so we can take his name out of the mix for a potential trade.  He also tweeted that the Red Sox are not currently engaged with the Cubs in negotiations for starter Matt Garza, citing concern over his tricep injury.  Also, expect Ryan Kalish to be recalled when Sweeney heads to the DL.

UPDATED 11:50 AM All is quiet on the Red Sox trading front right now.  The Globe’s Nick Cafardo just tweeted that Ben Cherington texted an update to the media saying that no deal was imminent.  If the Red Sox have anything cooking right now they are doing a good job of hiding it.  There is just no noise surrounding the team right now.  Things are pretty quiet otherwise anyway with just a little noise going around and the Victorino-to-L.A. deal still imminent.  As always though deadlines spur action.

UPDATED 10:37 AM  The 1st trade of the day became official 5 minutes ago.  The Cubs sent C Geovany Soto to the Rangers for P Jake Brigham and a PTBNL.  The deal was agreed to last night and just made official.  Expect former Sox GM Theo Epstein to stay busy throughout the day as he turns over the Cubs roster.  The Dodgers are about to make another big move, acquiring OF Shane Victorino from the Phillies.  Remember when the Phillies won the off-season?  Now they are selling.

Hi folks,

I’ll be here all day updating this post with the latest traded deadline news so check back early and often.  It should be an eventful day as the Red Sox have probably played themselves back into a “buyers” label over the past 4 days but they also have a surplus of players in key positions which puts them in a position to sell as well.  Here’s a primer for what to expect for the rest of the day:

It looks like Beckett will be sticking around

Beckett watch  Right now it seems as if it would be an upset if Josh Beckett was traded.  He’s certainly has had his ups and downs this season both on and off the field but, as has been said many times leading up to the deadline, a deal involving Beckett would be very complicated.  For starters he’s got a lot of money and years left on his contract and he’s also got 10/5 rights to block any pending trade.  We’ve seen with Ryan Dempster and the Cubs just how hard it can be to move a guy with 10/5 rights.  And like it or not Beckett is no Manny.  While the fans and media may hate him he is still very popular among his teammates, something you couldn’t say about Manny when even his best friend David Ortiz wasn’t sad to see him go.  Also there is no perception among his peers that Beckett has phoned it in or he isn’t giving 100%, again unlike the Manny situation.  Beckett doesn’t seem to be the clubhouse cancer that the media paints him as so it seems as if the Red Sox brass don’t feel the need to do a deal just for the sake of doing a deal, which of course barely ever works out anyway.  Things could change of course but for right now Beckett stays.

Masterson could find himself back in a Red Sox uniform by the end of the day

Red Sox – Buyers?  The Red Sox are ready to buy it seems and starting pitching has to be on the top of their list.  They could use another arm in the rotation, particularly if they make the post-season.  The thing is there aren’t many arms available that would prove to be an upgrade over what the Red Sox have now.  Fransisco Liriano of the Twins was available but his ERA is about a half a run higher than Beckett’s is.  Jason Vargas of the Mariners may be the best possible player for the Red Sox to chase but I’m not sure that the Red Sox are willing to go as far as they’d they need to go as far as giving up prospects in order to acquire Vargas.  One intriguing name is Justin Masterson who the Red Sox have been scouting.  Again, he is not pitching much better, if at all, than Lester or Beckett this year but the Red Sox could possibly buy Masterson back at a low point in his value.  He’s a Derek Lowe clone who will go through peaks and valleys but he’s a durable guy who will give you innings.  One position to watch that hasn’t been mentioned – shortstop where Mike Aviles has seen his production dip as he’s fought a turf toe injury and Pedro Ciriaco, while playing great, is an unknown at this point.  A right-handed hitting outfielder is also a possibility with the questions about Carl Crawford’s health and the fact that it is extremely left-handed.

Catching is a rare commodity on the market which gives Shoppach enhanced value

Red Sox, Sellers? The Red Sox aren’t in full sell mode but the 3 positions that they actually have a surplus at are 3 positions that have good value on the open market.  First is outfield.  Contenders are always looking for extra outfield help, especially for the stretch run when rosters expand and managers play match-ups.  Of course Ryan Sweeney did the Red Sox no favors when he punched the wall in the dugout last night, in turn punching a ticket to the disabled list.  I suppose if a team is willing to wait out the injury the Sox can hold off putting him on the DL until after the deadline but for all intents and purposes Sweeney seemed to have punched his value away last night.  As I said above the Sox having too many left-handed or switch hitting outfielders and not enough righties so a guy like Daniel Nava, Scott Posednik, or Sweeney could move to make way for the right-handed bat they acquire.  Catching is an interesting case.  Kelly Shoppach has been involved in many rumors for months since catching is such a hard to find commodity and the Sox have Ryan Lavarnway waiting in the wings in Pawtucket.  The problem is that while Lavarnway is major league ready offensively, he still needs work on his defensive game.  Shoppach is the best defensive catcher that the Red Sox have so you hurt your defense if you get rid of him.  A bold move would be to move Saltalamacchia at the height of his value but he’s become such a presence in the Red Sox clubhouse that I’m not sure if the Sox would be willing to sacrifice that.  Lastly is the bullpen.  The Red Sox have one of the better bullpens in the league (at least when they are not playing the Yankees) and actually have a reserve of talent.  Junichi Tazawa and Clayton Mortensen have proven to be effective pitchers in their stints in the major leagues.  Andrew Bailey starts rehab tonight in the Gulf Coast league and could be back by mid-August.  And don’t look now but Daniel Bard is pitching lights out in Pawtucket.  Vicente Padilla could be on the block but a guy like Matt Albers is more likely.  I’d imagine that the Sox would keep the two lefties (Miller and Morales) but all of the veteran righties save Alfredo Aceves could be on the block.

So there you have it.  What moves will the Red Sox make?  What moves should they make?  Check back all day for the latest news and you can also follow my Twitter feed right here.

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    Albers was garbage. Sold high. Is Breslow under team control next year?

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