The HOODIE Has A HEART: Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick Gives Hernandez’ BOO BOO A SMOOCH (PHOTO)

It looks like that Patriots head coach Bill Belichick does have a HEART underneath that “HOODIE”. Perhaps at the ripe old age of 60, Bill is LETTING LOOSE.

You may recall that coach was  all SMILES and GIDDY at the Super Bowl in Indianapolis. Patriots fans and the media thought he was abducted by ALIENS or his body was taken over by Dick MacPherson.

Some pinned the coach’s change in demeanor to gal pal, Linda Holliday. Well, Bill knows how to “draft” them, she is quite “EASY ON THE EYES”.

(PHOTO: WireImage)

However, at the beginning of training camp the “EVIL HOODIE” returned in classic STALE & BORING press conference GLORY.

Looks like Bill Belichick broke out of his ALL BUSINESS ALL THE TIME shell to poke some fun at tight end Aaron Hernandez at the season ticket holder practice.  Belichick gave Hernandez a SMOOCH on the elbow after some over-exuberant b*tching and whining.

“I had a little bruise on my elbow and I was whining about it, and he was just showing me the love of a father figure and he gave me a kiss on the elbow”, said Hernandez.

This is BY FAR one of the FUNNIEST things that Bill Belichick has done in his 12 years as head coach of the Patriots.

In this case, a picture does speak a 1,000 words KISSES.

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