Valentine Should Go, But Not Now

The All-Star break is far behind us, and now in August, the Red Sox are once again under .500, and just NOW, the Boston media is turning on Bobby Valentine. There have been calls from well known writers in the Boston media for Valentine to be fired by the Red Sox brass, but this late in the season the question would be: What’s the point?

As a fan I can’t stand Bobby Valentine. I dislike him so much I take credit in using the very first hashtag’s on twitter that read #FireValentine, #FireBobbyV, and #FireBobbyValentine. The first time I used those hashtag’s was on April 8th after the Red Sox were swept by the Tigers in the first series of the season. He made questionable calls during that series and as the month of April went on, he made worse and worse decisions.

I wanted Bobby Valentine fired then, and I wanted him fired all season long. But it’s Mid August, and despite what Valentine said, the Red Sox are NOT going to make the playoffs this year. So what would happen if the Red Sox did fire Valentine now? The answer is simple. They would name an interim coach to lead the team for the rest of the year. Then they would play almost as lousy as they play now, and finish the season the same way they will with Bobby Valentine managing.

Firing Valentine now would just cause more drama in the clubhouse, and by switching managers, you can’t get more talent from the players. Just look at Josh Beckett. He has an ERA of 4.97, and a record of 5-9. If the Sox bring in a new manager now, it doesn’t fix the problem of having players like Beckett on the team.

It’s pretty obvious with Beckett; he doesn’t care about anything now. You could easily tell by his smirk when leaving the mound to boo’s after allowing 8 earned runs in 5+ innings on Wednesday. As long as there are jerks like him on the team, a manager change won’t help anything.

In that same game Beckett gave up 8 runs, Valentine made a very quizzical call. In the bottom of the ninth with two outs and the tying run in scoring position, he allowed Ryan Lavarnway, hitting .077 to step to the plate. Jarrod Saltalamacchia who had the day off came onto the on-deck circle to hit if Lavarnway extended the game. Why Valentine didn’t have Salty hit for Lavarnway is absolutely mind boggling.

Although Valentines call was questionable, he should have never had to be in that position because your starting pitcher shouldn’t give up 8 runs in 5+ innings, and 9 runs should be able to win you ballgames. Maybe if Valentine wasn’t the manager all year and the Red Sox had a manager who made better calls, the Red Sox might have won 3 more games this year in just a managerial point of view.

I don’t think Bobby Valentine should be managing this team next year, and I don’t think he will. I think Valentine knew at best that he would only be managing this team for two years. Replacing Valentine now would be the same as replacing a captain of a ship, after the ship has already sank to the bottom of the sea.


  • Bobby Valentine obviously made enemies in the sports writers world before he ever came to the Red Sox. Writers haven't recently started bashing him, they've been doing it all year. The guy has done a decent job faced with all the problems this team has had. Firing the manager isn't going to fix Beckett or Lester. Until the upper management gets off their duffs and goes after some solid pitching nothing is going to change. The team has one of the best offences in the MLB and one of the worst pitching staffs. It's all about pitching. PITCHING, PITCHING, PITCHING!

  • Tom, i have to defend my friend kuketz on this one. First off, how has he done a good job with the problems this team has? That comment is iridiculous. As for the "pitching" comment. They have gone after pitching, site Beckett and Dice-K, and Lackey. Yes they need pitching, but don't put that on the upper management, they've put out the cash. The Red Sox future resides mostly on the development of prospects like Xander Bogerts and even more importantly Matt Barnes. What the red sox require is some luck and a better club house atmosphere.

  • Chris, you say that they've put out the cash. That is true, but it isn't about the money. Sure, they can spend, but if they're spending it on bad pitchers, then what is the point? Small market teams survive because they spend their money wisely, as opposed to buying expensive players like Lackey and Dice-K who may or may not do well. I think the front office has to get out of the mentality that expensive players are good players. Get back to the smart decision making of 2004, when every dollar was well spent. A huge payroll doesn't equal a successful team.

  • Joe, generally when you give a pitcher big money it's because you think they'll do well. Obviously many of their acquisitions failed, but that's not from lack of trying. Spending money "wisely" is easier said than done. The sox have done poorly in regards to that recently.
    Keep in mind Joe that what i said earlier is more in regards to what Tom said before me.
    Kuketz, poorly written article. However, i'm primarily saying that because you're sitting right next to me and i think It's/ I'm hilarious.

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