More Of The Same For This Year’s Red Sox

The signing of John Lackey has really hurt the Red Sox.

If you look at the standings today you will see the Red Sox are in fourth place.  With two games in hand with the Blue Jays they could easily be in last place.  The Red Sox this year are the definition of average.  They will be lucky to end the season at .500.  After last night’s 5-3 loss to the Indians they are now 55-58.  This team is too talented to be representing that record.

The talent on the field does not seem to care of the record as we see them on the field.  With the latest reports that John Lackey was double fisting Bud Light’s last night just makes you ask the question. What is going on in that clubhouse?  We know it is not Terry Francona as the team is still the same.  The players are the real problem.  With 49 games left it is either time to win or time to play some young players and give them a chance to show themselves.

Why is Ryan Lavarnway up in Boston if he is only playing once a week?  Lavarnway should be playing everyday with David Ortiz on the disabled list.  Is Pedroia really liking the 3rd spot in the lineup?  I think with Pedroia’s off year maybe they should try him lower in the lineup to get back on all cylinders.  The bullpen has really been the surprise this season but with the starters being worse then mediocre they are starting to break down, example is Vincente Padilla hitting the disabled list this week.

Felix Doubront looks like he is getting tired as he has never been a starter for a full season.  With Aaron Cook around and Franklin Morales back in the rotation Doubront should get some rest as he has been the best starter all season.  If the Red Sox were just .500 in games that Josh Beckett and Jon Lester started they would be leading the wild card.  Lester is not injured so his performance is just poor, he has come on lately but he need to be consistent.  Beckett is injured every other week with back problems or lat problems and his performance has been poor also resulting in boo’s his last two starts.

The Red Sox are mathematically still in it for the wild card the the ownership would love to claim fifth place in a fourteen team league.  The only thing going for the Red Sox is they have multiple games against all the teams ahead of them with the Angels, Orioles, and Rays.  I personally know Red Sox fans rooting for the them to lose after the collapse last year and the off season.  Every good win the past month I like to think they will turn it around but that has not happened.  As we saw last year anything can happen, but can a team strike lightning in a bottle two years in a row?

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