We All LOVE NESN’s Jenny Dell AKA The Baconator, But This Is DOWNRIGHT CREEPY (VIDEO)

NESN’s Jenny Dell has been the LONE BRIGHT SPOT in this LOST Red Sox season. “The Baconator” has maintained a POSITIVE attitude and continues to flash that MILLION DOLLAR smile game after MEANINGLESS game.

She has made EVERYONE forget about Heidi What’s Her Name.

But some fans’ INFATUATION has bordered on CREEPY and DOWNRIGHT STALKERISH.


First off, the still photo of  scares the F*CK out of me. I wonder what MILTIA he started and how BIG his weapons cache is.

Secondly, where did he get all these photos? Is he in the crowd with a three thousand dollar camera taking PICTURE AFTER PICTURE of just her?

Does ANYONE even notice this?

Is he even watching the GAME? Actually, I WOULD NOT watch the game either because this team BLOWS but I rather be drinking than being a full BLOWN STALKER.

In the video, one of the captions is “Looking right at me…….and then slo-mo eyes closed hair flip”.

I felt WIGGED OUT just typing that!

This all kind of reminds me of…..

Then if you can BELIEVE this he says, “In the end I felt a little bad stalking her, because she was really sweet and took this with me.”

And this TAKES THE FRUIT CAKE, “Did I mention I was yelling my sweet Jenny in a Forrest Gump voice the whole game?”


Bet your BOTTOM DOLLAR if Jenny Dell knew you took a million photos of her RACK and was doing CREEPY Gump impersonations, she would have been calling SECURITY rather than taking a picture with you.

I can only IMAGINE F*CK that I don’t want to know what you do with that picture and I am pretty sure YOU are the one ran up the view count on this video.

Jenny, can you say RESTRAINING ORDER?


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