Patriots Tweets Of Interest: No DOUBT Brandon Spikes Hates The Word DOUBT

In this social media age, NEWS and ODDITIES are all around you and at your fingertips. With a tap of your smartphone, you can find out what your favorite athlete or celeb is doing and thinking. Some things make you SCRATCH your head or say HMM.

The members of the New England Patriots are no different, they are quite in tune with Twitter and MyFace Facebook.

Here is a Patriots Tweet of Interest….KIND OF.


I had NO IDEA that Brandon Spikes was an English major at the University of Florida. What the HECK does this even mean?

I know one thing the Patriots won’t be THRILLED that he is dropping F-Bombs in a public forum. Let’s see if he tones down his PROFANE analysis of the English language.

Thanks for the lesson Professor Spikes.

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