Patriots Rob Gronkowski DOES NOT Flake On Giving Back, Launches Breakfast Cereal For Charity (VIDEO)

Gronk Poses With His Breakfast Cereal At Stop & Shop.

Patriots All-World tight end Rob Gronkowski does not shy away from the spotlight, but he also knows when to use his celebrity to HELP others. Today, Gronk held a press conference at the Stop & Shop in Walpole to promote “Gronk Flakes” in front of a sea of fans and media members.

Press Release:

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the cereal will benefit the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation. The foundation, started by the Gronkowski family, is an organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting youths to reach their maximum potential by empowering them to be positively involved in sports, community activities, education, and fitness. The purpose of the foundation is to contribute financial resources to selected nonprofit organizations that effectively serve and benefit children with an emphasis on health, education and fitness.

Gronk may be perceived as an athlete that lives like a ROCK STAR, but he knows that he would NEVER have got to where he is without his parents and brothers. His family pushed and supported him throughout his childhood and now Rob Gronkowski wants to return the favor to LESS FORTUNATE children.

So go out buy a few boxes of Gronk flakes at Stop & Shop for a tasty breakfast treat and to support A GREAT cause.

Gronkowski Tells The Crowd That Gronk Flakes Make You “Buff”.

I bought mine….not sure because I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth or that I want to be “BUFF” like Gronk!

Side Note:

EPIC BOO to the reporter that asked Rob about the NFL referee debacle. Gronk answered like a champ, “Plenty of other players have already commented on that in the last 24 hours, so I don’t need to”.

Well done GRONK….well done.

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  1. Jean Hall says:

    My husband and I bought a case of Gronk Flakes to donate to the Patriots' "Celebrate Volunteerism Food Drive," which will be held at the Colts' game on November 18th.

    Hope everybody out there will join us by donating to help make it a success!

    Besides game day donation boxes, there will be boxes in the Pro Shop and the corporate offices the week before.

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