Patriots Potty Mouth: Brady’s F-Bomb Directed At Welker & Branch (GIF)

(GIF: Huffington Post)

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got caught dropping a F-BOMB on TV. He was seen spewing “F*ck You Bitches” on the sideline after his touchdown was upheld after an official review.

But who was Brady’s VENOM directed at?

Wes Welker shed light on the “Altercation”:

“I think it was kind of directed at, towards me and Deion [Branch] a little bit,” Welker said today on WEEI’s Mut and Merloni show. “We were giving him a hard time that his knee was down and we didn’t know what he was doing on the bench over there. He better get his butt up and get back out on the field because his knee was down and so he’s like, ‘what are you talking about, I was in.’ So I think they caught him at a perfect moment where we were just kind of just jawing back and forth and things like that.”

Kudos To Wes & Deion for busting Brady’s balls for his gazelle like speed.

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