The Patriots Need To Close Out Games

Bill Belichick does not trust the defense and the team has to be worried late in the fourth quarter.

Coming off a tough loss to the Seahawks this past Sunday the Patriots have no small task this weekend as the New York Jets come to Gillette Stadium.  Jets week is always exciting as Rex Ryan always seems to say something interesting.  The Patriots in typical fashion do not respond. Tebowmania has been quiet lately, and the Jets and Patriots have the same record coming into this week 7 match up.

All three Patriots loses were winnable games and they had a real chance to win in the final minutes or to close the game out in the final minutes.  With the Patriots lately it is either a blow out or they lose in the final minutes of a close game.  There is no question the coaching staff does not trust the defense, as it is either touchdown or bust late in games and even at the end of the first half as we saw this past week.  The Patriots should have kicked a field goal before the half was over, but who says they would have still won the game?  You can speculate they would have won the game but we will never know. Regardless going up 20-10 at halftime would have been better than the situation that happened. Always take the points that you can get.

Belichick does not trust his defense and the world knows it.  He has not trusted his defense in years. Belichick the general manager and Belichick the coach are different.  If he is such a defensive genius, why is the secondary allowing forty yard passes three times a game? Trust the offense, but take the points when you have the chance.  The defense will get them by against inferior opponents but will need to be on their toes for a good offense like say the Giants.  The defense puts more pressure on the offense to score and it has to be effecting them.

The Patriots need to close out in the fourth quarter by running the ball effectively and command in time of possession.  The team can run the no huddle to get up and keep scoring. They need to put their foot on their opponents neck and keep scoring if need be, but if the ball is in the defense’s court at the end of a game they cannot be trustworthy.

This week against the Jets the Patriots need to go back to running the ball like they did in the first few games and not abandoned the strategy of being balanced. Seattle’s defense may be good and much improved, but running the ball more could have changed the game.


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