What The Red Sox Can Learn From The Tigers And Their Past

Dan Duquette fearlessly brought in Pedro and Manny who compare to the present day Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera.

The Tigers cruised to the World Series after sweeping the hapless Yankees.

What is at the root of their success? It’s a simple formula.

They boast the best position player and pitcher in the game. That’s right – Miguel Carbrera and Justin Verlander are quite arguably the best at their respective spots.

Rewind to the Boston Red Sox at the turn of the millennium. General Manager Dan Duquette traded the farm for Pedro Martinez before the 1998 season and then broke the bank for Manny Ramirez in 2001. At that time the Sox also may have had the best pitcher and position player in the game.

Is it that easy?

Probably not, but there is no doubting the monumental impact stars of this magnitude bring to the table. Not only do you build a team around them, but when either steps in the batter’s box or toes the rubber they are feared – and from Larry Lucchino’s point of view: marketable.

The Red Sox may have another year, two, or maybe more to ascend back to the top of the American League, but they are in a similar position to those Duqette teams. They have prospects to deal and money to spend. I am not advocating a trade for Felix Hernandez and the signing of Josh Hamilton by any means, but something of the like will begin the turnaround of this team.

Again, there is so much more to a baseball season and a winning team. A bullpen, injuries, the grind of a 162 game season, and even a manager to name a few. This is a starting point though. One that can make or break the ascension of a ball club.

General Manager Ben Cherrington has an amazing opportunity to put a mark on the future of the Sox, but will he be able to pick the right two players to build around?

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