Celtics To Ray Allen: Lose That Number

Thanks for the memories…

For really great things one can look past mistakes. Some of the best movies tried to squeeze out too much…Jaws IV, Superman IV, Rocky V — most that go past III really. I am willing to pretend none of those sequels ever happened. I don’t care if there is documented proof, like the forgotten brother Chuck Cunningham on Happy Days, if you just ignore it, eventually it just never happened.

For me, Michael Jordon will always be a Chicago Bull, his years with the Washington Wizards foggy at best. Bobby Orr will always be just a Boston Bruin. Jerry Rice and Joe Montana in my case of selective amnesia hung it up in San Francisco

The player doesn’t have to be the best, much of it will have to do with how they left or what they meant to the fans in order for them to earn selective teamneasia. Dewey in Baltimore? Forgotten. I will gladly lose any bar bet to say Dwight Evans only played in Boston and will always be a Red Sox. Carton Fisk played more games in Chicago, but for me he will always be Red Sox…and if a White Sox fan argued on his behalf I could accept that as well. Ray Bourque will always be a Bruin and yet every Boston fan was cheering for him to get a ring with Colorado, no need to forget it is selective mind you…

Brett Favre’s last season(s) will not be forgotten, the way he went out should tarnish his career and for him I am not willing to forget the fact that he retired multiple times and wore purple, Jets I have to admit I had to remind myself.

Which brings me to Ray Allen — when the future Hall of Famer, three point record holder, former champion moved on for less money and more touches I was sorry to see him go… the reality was his skills were diminishing as he gets older, he was injury prone, the team played better with Avery Bradley, he would be ideal sharp shooter off the bench and Ainge made him an aggressive offer.

However, in a recent ESPN article by Jackie McMullen,, Ray Allen wanted to clarify his reasons for leaving, “Two years ago when I was a free agent, the whole organization sent me a text asking me to come back, this time it was a little more subdued.”

SUBDUED?!? The Celtics offered him twice the money, (six million per over two, he settled for 3 million per). and a no trade clause to provide him comfort and Ray Allen very quickly chose of all places Miami. The team that just won the NBA Championship, the team that just knocked out the Celtics and the team with the biggest egomaniac in sports. I’d sooner golf 36 holes with any Kardashian, Arod and Dan Shaughnessy than listen to a King James interview. Ray Allen must be taking notes — his me first attitude and infuriating interviews are piling up.

Ray also whined to the Miami Herald, “I was very loyal to the city and I love the city, but when it came time to keep me in uniform (the Celtics) did everything they could to seem like….to not want me to come back.” …Lets face it, he didn’t get his ego stroked enough and took his ball and his talents to beaches of Miami and will soon complain about being a decoy there as well.

I will look back at the big three fondly, however when Ray says, “I’m always going to be a Celtic no matter what; it’s always going to be in my veins. Once you live there and play for that team and win a championship, it doesn’t matter where you go. You’re always going to be a Boston Celtic.”

Not so fast, it definitely matters where you go…tonight the Celtics open in Miami and to make matters worse the Heat get their rings. So tonight Ray Allen gets to act about as excited as Dick Cheney at his lesbian daughters ring ceremony while Miami hoists a banner, I can say with certainty Ray Allen is no longer a Boston Celtic. . Your teamneasia rights have been revoked. So as Kevin Garnett deletes Ray Allen from his cell phone and Doc gives up trying to call — I hope when there comes talk of retiring Allen’ jersey Celtics brass decide to do follow suit and lose his number.

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