Patriots QB Tom Brady Getting His Merchant Marine/Mr. Rogers/D-Wade Look On At The Aerosmith Concert (PHOTOS)

Photo: @Patriots On Twitter

Tom Brady, Bob Kraft & Jerod Mayo all attended Aerosmith’s free concert on Comm Ave in Boston today. They all presented the members of the legendary rock band footballs prior to the gig.

Of course Tom Brady was ROCKIN’ his own look or Gisele’s look for him.  I bet Steven Tyler was JEALOUS.

He looked like a cross between a merchant marine and Mr. Rogers.

TB12 also added some Dwyane Wade glasses for good measure.


As for the show, Aerosmith sounded very good for guys in their 60’s. They played a mix of classic oldies as well as new songs from their upcoming CD, “Music For Another Dimension”.

Just too bad they half assed it on their Patriots Anthem…..they should be ASHAMED for that piece of SH*T.

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