Patriots Tweets Of Interest: Spikes Can’t Leave “Gingers” Alone

In this social media age, NEWS and ODDITIES are all around you and at your fingertips. With a tap of your smartphone, you can find out what your favorite athlete or celeb is doing and thinking. Some things make you SCRATCH your head or say HMM.

The members of the New England Patriots are no different, they are quite in tune with the Twitter Machine.

In this edition: Brandon Spikes Is ALL ABOUT The Red Heads…..


For those who don’t know who/what a “GINGER” is:

A ginger person has red hair. This red hair comes from a recessive gene. This recessive gene comes from another ginger or half-ginger hybrid.

This makes COMPLETE sense. As we all know Patriots Brandon Spikes is a “tad bit off-center” and we all know what they say about redheads……

Now enough of this BYE WEEK jibber jabber, let’s get back to FOOTBALL!


NOTE: Chandler Jones Has Deleted His Tweet After This Story Was Published

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