The Most DISTURBING NHL LOCKOUT Song By A Vancouver Canucks Fan Boy In YOGA PANTS (VIDEO)

I was at a LOSS for words when I saw this video. I was SPEECHLESS. What the F*CK Am I watching?

I know ALL hockey fans are supposed to UNITE against the NHL Lockout, yes even BRUINS & CANUCKS fans, but there is NO WAY I can support this!

Wow, I thought ALL Canucks fans were MESSED UP LOSERS especially after the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals, but this TAKES THE CUP I MEAN CAKE.

What inspired this dude to parody a horrible, I mean HORRIBLE dance song while wearing YOGA Pants (YOGA pants are for WOMEN ONLY!)?

Only a Canucks fans….just another reason to HATE THEM. They WHINE, SING OFF KEY & DESTROY the greatest INVENTION of the MILLENNIUM…YOGA Pants.

Shawn Thornton NEEDS to Beat this guy’s ass…..END THE LOCKOUT!


Sides of Baked Beans Goes To Puck Daddy & Champions Boston!

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