Is Bill Belichick Overrated?

Bill Belichick

Some players across the NFL believe Bill Belichick is overrated.

A recent player poll had Patriots coach Bill Belichick the second most overrated coach in the NFL behind Jets head coach Rex Ryan. This has been a hot topic around New England as most fans and media seem to think this poll is a joke.  Rex Ryan belongs at the top as he is all talk and no results. Especially as of late with this Jets season being the most interesting of all.

The players who participated in the poll are not known but they were from 27 teams.  When the word overrated is tossed around in sports we either think of salary or rings.  Like say, Peyton Manning got over the hump and won a Super Bowl so he cannot be called overrated. The highest paid players should be winning rings and not be on last place teams.

Time has seemed to catch up to Bill Belichick. Being  a Patriots fan I know he and Tom Brady won’t be around forever.  The last time the Patriots won a Super Bowl is going on nine calendar years.  There is a certain stigma that comes with losing a Super Bowl as well.  The Patriots have lost two out of the last five Super Bowls to the same opponent, the New York Giants.  If he wins those two Super Bowls he is one of the best of all time without a doubt, losing those two people question what his place really is to the history books.

Bill Belichick the GM and Bill Belichick the coach are two different people.  Now that the defense is struggling to stop any passing game people may call Belichick overrated.  It is Belichick the GM’s fault for drafting not the top tier guys and then his coaching not being able to mold them into good solid football players. I understand that not every corner out of college is the next Champ Bailey, but it certainly would be nice to have one.  Devin McCourty looked like the next big thing after a great rookie season at corner and now is being moved to safety because he can’t turn around to the ball. He is talented just needs to be used right.

Bill Belichick is still a great coach, he has brought the region of New England great success.  The game seems to have passed him by a little bit and he has lost the defensive genius label.  He still has won three Super Bowls and no one can take the away.  Is he overrated? I’ll leave that up to you.

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