Milan & Brittany Lucic Break-up? LOOCH Is Seeing Someone Else….A New Bank (VIDEO)

Don’t FRET Bruins fans, Mr. & Mrs. Lucic are SAFE & Sound. However, LOOCH has found someone NEW….A new BANK that is. The LOCKED OUT Bruins star did his best soap opera performance in this commercial for MTW Community Credit Union

LOOCH Doing His Best Zoolander “Blue Steel”.

Let’s HOPE & PRAY that the NHL Lockout ends REAL soon because Milan Lucic CAN’T afford to quit his day job…..because acting AIN’T his thang.

He is NO Zoolander…

And he has NO BLUE STEEL….

SORRY Milan, just stick to rearranging other people’s faces.


Side Of Baked Beans Goes To Puck Daddy!

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