Twitter FAIL: Agent Of Tom Sestito Tells Nathan Horton To “Stay Out Of The Way” Of His Client (VIDEO)

It’s been ten months since Bruins’ winger Nathan Horton was concussed at the hands of Flyers’ Tom Sestito. It’s been a LONG ROAD of recovery for Horton, but he is finally healthy.

But Scott Norton who represents Sestito decided to take a shot at Horton as if his client hasn’t done enough to JEOPARDIZE his career.

Kudos to CSNNE’s Bruins insider, Joe Haggerty for calling out Norton for his extremely INSENSITIVE tweet:

Norton backpedaled of course just like a SCUMBUG agent would.  Haggs did not buy Norton’s BS:

Norton continues to defend his client for his cheapshot. I wonder if he represents Aaron Rome as well:


Joe Haggerty puts the dirty hit in “Black & White”:






Scott Norton should just say he is SORRY & continue representing GUTLESS PUKES like Tom Sestito.

Joe Haggerty should continue dolin’ out TWITTER JUSTICE!

10 comments on “Twitter FAIL: Agent Of Tom Sestito Tells Nathan Horton To “Stay Out Of The Way” Of His Client (VIDEO)”

  1. John says:

    Little biased, Boston website. Can't see how this is a dirty hit.

  2. Jason says:

    John, EVERY hit against a Bruin is dirty…

    Just ask a pink hat Bruin "fan".

  3. joegill88 says:

    He got concussed how is that not dirty?

    1. HaggsIsAJoke says:

      did you really just say that because he received a concussion that means it was dirty? do you want to stick with that comment?

    2. Jason says:

      "He got concussed how is that not dirty?"


      Classic Boston.

      Big hockey fan are ya?

  4. bill says:

    Why don't you both STFU and let the actual players settle it?

    1. Brad says:

      Sestito wouldn’t settle it right there. Horton went after him and Seatito wanted nothing to do with it.

  5. Brad says:

    To say it is a clean hit is ludicrous. Horton shot the puck, had his head up watching for a rebound and Sestito come in from over his shoulder 3 seconds after the shot. Pink hat or not it was a dirty malicious attempt to injur.

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