Former Bruins Winger Mark Recchi Will Make You Think DIFFERENTLY About The NHL Lockout

Former Bruin Mark Recchi Has Some Great Advice For The Players & NHLPA

The NHL Lockout is almost two months old and people are getting SICK of it myself included. How can a “professional” sports league have THREE work stoppages in less than 20 years?

You are not an NHL fan evidently.

Unfortunately, this is becoming COMMONPLACE.

I am GETTING USED to no hockey and that’s NOT GOOD.

I was initially in the corner of the NHLPA and the players, but why?

I should be on the side of MYSELF, the fan and not care who blinks first.

Former Bruins winger Mark Recchi spoke to’s Kevin Paul DuPont on his take on this LATEST lockout.

And what he says may surprise you and make you feel DIFFERENTLY on what side if any you are on.

“My advice,’’ mused Recchi, part owner of the Kamloops Blazers junior squad in the Western Hockey League, “is that the longer it goes, the worse [the offer] is going to get [for the players]. Hey, I’m an owner, too, so I see both sides. We lose money on our team, and obviously that’s not the same, the money’s not nearly as significant as in the NHL, but the business dynamics are similar. We’ve lost money every year we’ve owned it.’’

“The longer they’re out, the revenues are going to go down and down,’’ said Recchi, explaining why he believes the NHL’s offer is only going to get worse. “Corporate sponsors aren’t going to be lining up . . . so there goes that money. The schedule isn’t going to be 82 games, I don’t think, at this point. That’s more money lost. So, how are you going to get a better deal? Personally, I think the best time is now.’’

If that doesn’t change your mind about this stalemate, coming from a former player, NOTHING will.  No matter what line of work you are in unless you work for yourself, your boss is always going to do something you don’t like or find fair.  There is no way you should just pull a “Claude Lemieux turtle” move if you think you are right, you should state your case and see where the chips fall…..

But at one point you have to CALL IT A DAY for the good of your job, so you can collect a check and support your family.

“Recchs” agrees:

“But look what happened, the players always get their money,’’ he said. “They’re always going to get paid, no matter what. Look at that last deal. We ended up with the cap and everyone thought it was a bad deal. But it ended up great, right? No matter what the system is, or has been, the players get their money. No matter what the contract, the owners always find a way to pay them more. That’s why I say, get a deal and get back in there . . . the money’s always there.’’

So current players & the NHLPA take Mark Recchi’s advice…….”Call It A Day” and save your sport.

You will look like the TRUE HEROES sacrificing the MOST for hockey as the owners continue to look like the EPITOME OF GREED.

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