Bruins Fan’s PLEA: Open Letter To Jeremy Jacobs, End The NHL Lockout “NONSENSE”

Jacobs Needs To EMBRACE The Game, Not DESTROY It

The PLEAS are coming in to the NHL & NHLPA to end this two-month old lockout that is DESTROYING the GREAT game of hockey.

Former Bruins winger Mark Recchi told the NHLPA to get this done because “You Will Always Get Your Money”.

98.5 The Sports Hub’s Andy Gresh took to the airwaves to beg Bruins owner to stop “Killing Us”.

Forget former players and radio personalities, the NHLPA & the NHL, ¬†especially Jeremy Jacobs who has been in crosshairs after derailing the ONCE OPTIMISTIC negotiations of last week, need to LISTEN to the most important people……


I received this letter from one of my Big Bad Bruins community members on Facebook.

His name is Bret Kelly.

He is NOT a former player.

He is NOT a media member.

He is NOT a politician.

He just LOVES the game of hockey and his favorite team, the Boston Bruins.

He just wants them BACK.

Mr. Jacobs, PLEASE take some time out from counting your MILLIONS and listen to Brett who shells out THOUSANDS to support YOUR franchise and the sport you are trying to OBLITERATE  from the face of the earth.

Dear Mr Jacobs,

I am a long time Bruins fan, growing up watching the Bruins on WSBK TV38, listening to Fred & Derek giving their best attempts at an unbiased telecast. I have been going to games on Causeway St as long as I can remember. A lot has changed since those days, the demolotion of the Garden, the creation of NESN, and after many years of misery and heartache, a Stanley Cup victory in 2011. One thing that hasn’t changed has been my devotion and loyalty to the Boston Bruins, and the great game of Hockey. I have helped raise over $12,000 towards your Boston Bruins Foundation, and have spent tens of thousands of dollars supporting your organization. But I honestly don’t know if I can continue to support you and The Boston Bruins that I love so much.

These last five months of so called “negotations”, between you, Gary Bettman, your fellow owners, and the NHLPA have been an absolute disgrace. The damage that you, Gary Bettman and your fellow owners have done to this game is unmeasureable. The longer you drag this out, the worse you are making it for yourselves, the league, the players, your sponsors, and most importantly, us, the fans! The same fans that shell out $90 to go to a game, that pay $40 to park, $9 for a beer, $10 for popcorn, $150 for a jersey. I call myself a fan, but the more I think about, I should be calling myself a fool, a fool for putting my hard earned money into your Billion dollar bank account. If you truly cared about the Boston Bruins, their fans and the future of the NHL, you should be doing everything in your power, to put an end to this lockout. Instead, you, Bettman, and the rest of your cronies seem to be doing everything in your power to prevent the puck from being dropped, until you smash the union, and squeeze every last penny from the players.

Now don’t get me wrong, Don Fehr is no angel, but he is representing the 726 guys that make a living playing a brutal sport, giving their all, night in, and night out, at your sold out arenas. You, as owners signed these players to these contracts. It’s your duty to honor these deals, you signed them! Are they overpaid? Probably, but guess what, you signed them, you pay them. Man up, honor these contracts, and get this deal done. The longer you drag this out, the more painful it is going to be for everybody, yourself included. Did you ever stop and think how many lives you have affected with this lockout? How many of your employees are out of work right now because of your greed. What about the ticket takers, the box office crew, the sales staff, the ushers, the vendors, the janitors, the security guards, the bull gang, the cops and firefirefighters, that all rely on you to make a living in your building. Not to mention everyone you have hurt outside of your building, the small businesses, the backbone of the neighborhood.

You have the power to make this right, and to put and end to this madness! Maybe, you can step back from this situation, and look at what your friends in the NFL recently went through. The same NFL, that hasn’t missed a regular season game to a labor issue since the mid 1980’s, the same league that makes over $3 Billion a year in tv revenues, reaches over 60 million homes annually, and makes over $9 billion a year in total revenue. Pick up the phone, swallow your pride, and ask Mr Kraft for some guidance, he is a man who cares about his city, his team, his sport, and most importantly, his fans. Who are you Mr Jacobs? The man who has the clout and courage to end this nonsense, and get a deal done for the good of the game, or the guy who will be remembered for ruining the great game of hockey!
We are anxiously awaiting your response.


Bret Kelly

Mr. Jacobs, Brett speaks from the HEART not his WALLET something you could learn from.

You, Gary Bettman & Donald Fehr can ALL become HEROES if you sacrifice your BANK ROLLS for the HEALTH of the game.

A game that is on LIFE SUPPORT with the fans….

And they are close to PULLING THE PLUG….



7 comments on “Bruins Fan’s PLEA: Open Letter To Jeremy Jacobs, End The NHL Lockout “NONSENSE””

    1. joegill88 says:

      Thanks Joann. At the end of the day, it should be about the fans!

  1. Boomer82 says:

    Could not have said it any better! Thanks for posting…Lets hope these guys (NHL owners and union) start listening to us poor fans…

    1. joegill88 says:

      The fans, business owners and venue workers are the ones that matter MOST!

  2. Bruin4Life says:

    If that letter does'nt tell it like it is, nothing will. Three cheers for Bret Kelly.

  3. Marianne says:

    Jacobs is a fool. Money/greed is his god. And the real God will get you some day.

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