Bruins Fans MAY Like How The Montreal Canadiens Are STICKING IT To Gary Bettman (PHOTO)

Photo: Yahoo

During times when hockey is ACTUALLY played, Bruins fans HATE the Montreal Canadiens like HOT FIRE.

Our Black & Gold blood just BOILS at the sights of Guy LaFleur, Patrick Roy & P.K. Subban. However, during a time of  labor unrest (the fourth one under commissioner Gary Bettman), fans UNITE no matter what color the laundry is.

And Bruins fans have to LIKE how members of the HATED Habs are STICKING IT to GREEDY GARY BETTMAN.

Puck Daddy/Yahoo Sports:

According to TVA, the hats aren’t endorsed by the National Hockey League Players Association. At least not officially; there are those who suspect some of these nasty little verbal jabs are part of a coordinated effort by the NHLPA to smear the commissioner.

Dave Stubbs reports that Montreal Canadiens forward Erik Cole told him the “Puck Gary” lockout hats “might be available to public, all proceeds to charity.” No word if that charity is the players’ petty cash fund as the lockout continues …

This is probably the BEST thing to come out of Montreal since….

 Megan Draper from “Mad Men”….

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