Jeremy Jacobs, The DICTATOR From Delaware North, Has Held Bruins Fans HOSTAGE For Far TOO LONG

Jacobs Has Held Bruins Fans Hostage Far Too Long

Being A Boston Bruins fan is a “Catch 22”.

We are in a NO-WIN situation.

We are HOSTAGES of Delaware North.

By supporting the team I LOVE, I line the pockets of an owner that could CARE LESS about the fans

A “business man” that is leading the way to destroy a LEAGUE fueled by GREED & the LUST for ABSOLUTE POWER

A “man” that signs his players to contracts that he had NO INTENTION in honoring

We are EMPOWERING Jeremy Jacobs, we are SUPPORTING the HAVES instead of the HAVE NOTS.

“More than ever, we know who we are, what’s important to us and where we are going.”-

The quote above is taken from the website of the EVIL EMPIRE run by Jeremy Jacobs and this corporate jargon couldn’t hit the nail more on the head.

Jacobs & the NHL owners know who they are (GREEDY beyond words), what’s important (money, SHITTING on the fans &  BREAKING the NHLPA) and where they are going (leading the NHL to Armageddon).

I am SICK & TIRED supporting this TYRANT any longer.

Rather than TERRORIZE & OBLITERATE his own hometown of Buffalo, which is the UNDISPUTED arm pit of the PLANET, he has to come to a HOCKEY TOWN and become the DICTATOR of our BELOVED Black & Gold.

He is the POLAR OPPOSITE of Patriots Owner Bob Kraft.  Where Kraft SAVED a franchise and helped END a work stoppage, Jacobs BLEEDS Bruins fans DRY and continues to throw GAS on The NHL LOCKOUT INFERNO.

Some fans may say Jacobs brought us the Stanley Cup in 2011…..WRONG!

Tim Thomas, Zdeno Chara, Patrice Bergeron & head coach Claude Julien were INSTRUMENTAL in bringing Lord Stanley back to Boston….not the CZAR of Delaware North.

How I wished that “Sea Bass” AKA Bruins President Cam Neely laid a THUNDEROUS body check on Jacobs during the Stanley Cup Parade after he said, “Neely brought us a Cup something he could not do as a player.”

How can any Bruins fan RESPECT an owner after he takes a shot at a player that gave up EVERYTHING for his team and the game he loved?

This exactly why Jeremy Jacobs doesn’t GET IT.

He doesn’t GET how players have the game of hockey ingrained in their DNA.

He doesn’t GET how the fans bleed BLACK & GOLD for their beloved Bruins.

He doesn’t GET that hockey is GREATEST game on the planet and not just a MONEY MAKING venture.

And he won’t be GETTING my money any longer.

I REFUSE to be a hostage any more.

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  • So True Neely never should have been treated that way at the Stanley cup parade, it was a team effort to bring the cup to boston, neeley being vice president has every right to celebrate, what did Jacobs do to get the cup home, nothing. Will this lockout end? Is there any hope for a partial season? I doubt it even if there is are the players going to be conditioned or risk serious injury playing after sitting out the season? I'm running out of hope.

  • Jacobs got mad because Neely proved he could win even with a small payroll…..Ha,Ha,Ha Jacobs

  • When Jeremy Jacobs and his cronies destroy the NHL and it's followers over greed and power, I wonder how long it will take this for Bettermen to do damage control. I guess it's back to College hockey.

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