Patriots Nation Here With “Open Arms” For Jets’ FORMER SUPER FAN “Fireman Ed” (VIDEO)

Fireman Ed Should Buy A Tri-Cornered Hat & Learn The Pats Chant.

The New York Jets went from a “THREAT” to the New England Patriots in the AFC East to an ABSOLUTE JOKE in just four seasons.

How have the MIGHTY have fallen.

Rex Ryan DOES NOT talk much anymore.

Mark Sanchez gets WORSE every season.

And “Fireman Ed” is hanging up his helmet for good….GANG GREEN has hit an ALL TIME LOW.

Fireman Ed put pen to paper fingers to his Commodore 64 & submitted this HEART FELT SUPER FAN resignation letter to the NY Metro:

On Thanksgiving night, I left the Jets game before halftime. This was the second time in a row I left before there were four zeroes on the clock. We have had much worse teams than this and I never left before. I pride myself in that, because I am not a quitter.

I decided to leave Thursday because the confrontations with other Jets fans have become more common, even though most Jets fans are fantastic. 

This is an indication of how society has lost and is continuing to lose respect for one another. The stadium has become divided because of the quarterback controversy as well. The fact that I chose to wear a Mark Sanchez jersey this year and that fans think I am on the payroll — which is an outright lie — have made these confrontations more frequent. Whether it’s in the stands, the bathroom or the parking lot, these confrontations are happening on a consistent basis.

Although I can “hold my own,” I do not want to lose my temper and make a stupid mistake. I have a responsibility to the families and kids that enjoy the game and Fireman Ed. 

I have enjoyed my time in chanting the greatest chant in all of sports. I have enjoyed meeting all the wonderful Jets fans around the world and look forward to the day we all can raise the Lombardi Trophy as one and celebrate a world championship down the Canyon of Heroes!

I will always love the Jets because they are in my heart, and I will attend games as usual, just not as Fireman Ed. God bless and, as always, let’s go Jets!

–Fireman Ed Anzalone was a New York City firefighter for two decades and has been a Jets fan since 1975.

It must be really BAD when SUB-HUMAN Jets fans are thinking Fireman Ed is “on the take” for wearing a Sanchez jersey.

But Ed AVOID the ridicule and wear a Joe Namath jersey, Jets fans love to revel in the PAST.

Speaking of the PAST, let’s look at the MASCOT  SUPER FAN Fireman Ed in all his glory back in September:

Well it looks like Fireman Ed went up in a 5 ALARM BLAZE.

I guess he is just quitting moving out of “Loserville”.

He needs a JUMP START, a new beginning….


On behalf on Patriots nation, we are here with open arms.

You need to sip from the Goblet of GREATNESS. We cordially invite you to join us at Gillette Stadium to lead a P-A-T-S chant.

You can wear a Patriots players jersey who is the equivalent of Mark Sanchez…..oh wait this franchise has not had a quarterback that ran into his own lineman’s ass, fumbled & got dumped by Eva Langoria.

So Ed please submit your resume and purchase a tri-cornered hat.

Here is your chance to finally be a WINNAH!

Thanks again for entertaining Patriots fans everywhere over the years….we hope you will consider this GENEROUS offer.


I can hear it now….

And it’s GLORIOUS….

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