Did You Ask Santa For Red Sox Tix? Things Are LOOKING BRIGHTER Ya Know..What HORSESH*T! (VIDEO)

If you buy anyone you really “CARE” about, Red Sox tickets for the holidays, you must really really HATE them deep down inside.

But according to the Red Sox marketing machine and ownership, things are “LOOKING BRIGHTER”!

HOW are things looking brighter?

DO TELL?!  And cut the SPIN and cutesy “Wally The Green Monster” HORSESH*T!

Hiring a career fourth place manager in John Farrell?

Signing Johnny Gomes?

Shopping Jon Lester?

Being picked for the A.L. East BASEMENT behind the hated Yankees, Rays, upstart Orioles & newly LOADED Blue Jays?

Well, they signed a 37 year old “Big Papi” to a two year extension!

HOW EXCITING! Let me go to under my mattress and get my rolls of hundred dollar bills….

What a JOKE….cut the amusement park bullsh*t & just concentrate on REBUILDING!

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