Where Does The Patriots’ Tom Brady Rank In SI’s Top 10 GREATEST ALL-TIME Quarterbacks?

TB12 Stands Tall In SI’s Football’s Greatest, But Maybe TOO Tall

Patriots QB Tom Brady is enjoying a NFL MVP worthy season in 2012 thus far. In 11 games, he has a QB rating of 105.2 with 3,299 yards, 24 touchdowns and only THREE measly interceptions. If he continues at this pace, he is a shoe in for the league’s Most Valuable Player.

But we all know that TB12 is TEAM first and wants to add another championship ring or two to his collection before he rides off into the sunset.

With a FOURTH or FIFTH Super Bowl championship on his STELLAR resume, where does Tom Brady rank ALL-TIME?

Sports Illustrated’s latest book, “Football’s Greatest” is choc full of top 10 lists including “The 10 Best Quarterbacks”.

You may be a bit SURPRISED where Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. ranks….

10. Terry Bradshaw (FOUR Super Bowl Titles)-Pittsburgh Steelers

9. Brett Favre (ONE Super Bowl Title)-Green Bay Packers, NY Jets & Minnesota Vikings

8. Sammy Baugh (TWO NFL Titles)-Washington Redskins

7. Dan Marino (ZERO Super Bowl Titles)-Miami Dolphins

6. John Elway (TWO Super Bowl Titles)-Denver Broncos

5. Peyton Manning (ONE Super Bowl Title)-Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos

4. Otto Graham (SEVEN Yes SEVEN NFL Titles)-Cleveland Browns

3. Tom Brady (THREE Super Bowl Titles)-New England Patriots

2. Johnny Unitas (ONE Super Bowl & Two NFL Titles)-Baltimore Colts, San Diego Chargers

1. Joe Montana (FOUR Super Bowl Titles)-San Francisco 49ers, Kansas City Chiefs

Tom Brady Will Have Run The Table To Catch His Childhood Idol.

Ok, did you DIGEST it?

Take it all in?

What do you think?

My take, that’s it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to compare quarterbacks of the last 30 years to the ones of ¬†“yesteryear”.

SI got number one RIGHT.

No DISPUTING that Joe Montana was the best with his UNBLEMISHED Super Bowl record and GAUDY numbers in those games.

Titles should be the NUMBER ONE determining factor for defining the “GREATEST” or “BEST” in any sport. That’s why I have a problem with Dan Marino on this list.

Sorry Charlie, you had great career stats but you COULD NOT WIN the BIG GAME.

Now Tom Brady, in the early part of his career, was LIGHTS OUT in big games winning his first THREE Super Bowls. He has stumbled a bit lately dropping his last two championship match-up versus Eli Manning & the New York Giants. So based on this alone, he is TOP 5 worthy.

I am not sure about #3 though.

Terry Bradshaw and Otto Graham should rank above Mr. Brady on this list. Both of them were MORE clutch during the MOST pressure packed games of their careers.

BST&N’s Top 5:

5. Johnny Unitas

4. Tom Brady

3. Terry Bradshaw

2. Otto Graham

1. Joe Montana

Hey Tom Brady has NOTHING to be ashamed of falling one sport in BST&N’s Top 5 Greatest ALL-TIME Quarterbacks. Being a sixth round pick and with 3-5 years left in the tank, the pride of San Mateo, California should move up to the Top THREE in NFL History behind the pride of the Cleveland Browns, Otto Graham and his childhood hero, Joe Montana.

Let’s hope Sports Illustrated updates their book in 2017.

4 comments on “Where Does The Patriots’ Tom Brady Rank In SI’s Top 10 GREATEST ALL-TIME Quarterbacks?”

  1. ed jaxson says:

    John Unitas should be #1, he played in the 12 game era, on baseball/football fields, when the run game was a bigger part of the offense and in a talent rich smaller league. He had to call his own plays. Play off format was much easier.
    Otto Graham #2 played in a smaller talent rich league again on tough fields. Seven championships is very hard to ignore. Play off format easier.
    Tom Brady #3 (moves to #1 if he wins #4) played in the cap era, had Bill Belichick who was not a winning head coach, hasn't had a Hall of Fame receiver untill Moss (2 seasons), multiple offensive coaches, limited running game and suspect defense. His stats rival Joe Montana.
    #4 Joe Montana based on his record and 4 Super Bowls and stats. He played in a four team diiivision making it easier to get to the play offs. He had the greatest receiver ever, Hall of Fame running back and tight end. The cap wasn't an issue. The play off format was shaorter.
    #5 Terry Bradshaw solid 5, based on his 4 Super Bowls, he had the advantage of one of greatest defenses, recievers and tight ends.

    1. joegill88 says:

      Ed, good list close to mine!

    2. joe says:

      are you retarded Johny U didnt play against back people

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