My Last HAPPY Memory Of The Boston Bruins Before This F’N Lockout (VIDEO)


Remember this Bruins fans?

“The Kid” speeding down the ice and faking Caps goalie Braden Holtby out of his jock to force a decisive Game Seven in Boston, but we know how that ended…..NOT WELL.

That was on April 22, 2012.

That was the LAST time, the Black & Gold got me EXCITED and made me HAPPY.

Since then, EVERYTHING about the game I love has been NEGATIVE and HEARTBURN INDUCING.

The Bruins early playoff exit and the GREED of the NHL Lockout has made me drink 1,038 bottles of this:

I am F’N SICK of hearing how many goals my favorite player Tyler Seguin is scoring goals in SWITZERLAND!

My blood pressure is at LIFE THREATENING levels due to the PROPAGANDA, SELFISHNESS & GREED stemming from the NHL-NHLPA CBA negotiations.

I want to RING Jeremy Jacob’s neck.

I should not be this ANGRY about ANYTHING.

It’s bad enough I don’t have a JOB, something the players and owners can not relate to.

So I need a distraction, but all I get is a SUBTRACTION of something that brought me JOY.


Man tears streamed down my face when the Bruins won the Cup…

Now I just want to tear apart every man that is DESTROYING the BEST GAME ON THE EARTH!



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