Social Media Putting Hockey Fans Through A MEAT GRINDER Of MADNESS During NHL Lockout ’12


During the LAST NHL Lockout of 2004-2005, there was NO Twitter or Facebook.

You did NOT know in REAL TIME when the NHLPA was passing out pizza to the media and the NHL owners were ordering milkshakes late night (I thought eating never mind negotiating late night was NOT a HEALTHY think),

Perhaps Jeremy Jacobs had “Brain Freeze” when he almost walked out during the latest NHL Lockout ’12 negotiating session.

Eight years ago, NHL fans did not OBSESS and have a LAUGH FEST about the appearance of a WOOD PODIUM as they were HOPING & PRAYING it would be the equivalent of hockey Christmas morning.

Ok that was FUN, I must admit.

What is NOT fun is how Social Media has taken NHL Fans on a ROLLER COASTER Of EMOTIONAL MADNESS.

You can’t hide from the ADDICTION.


At the beginning of the week you have the BURTON PROPHECY that many doubted, that came to fruition….sort of.

The NHL & NHLPA had one and half days of OPTIMISTIC NEGOTIATIONS which even made Gary Bettman feel encouraged.

Then Wednesday night we had the aforementioned Jeremy Jacobs tantr um.

Then on Thursday morning, tweets were running rampant how “negative” and “odd” vibes were swirling.

Hockey fans went from Christmas morning opening hockey presents to getting a TWO TON PIECE OF COAL fall dropped on them from Old St. Nick’s sleigh.

The HUMAN mind is not programmed to take such a mental BEATING.

It’s better known as TORTURE.

Oh it got WORSE…because in the NHL it always GETS WORSE.

Hockey fans took to Twitter or in my case listened to TSN at the dinner table (doing it old school) to hear Donald Fehr’s address after the short ONE hour session ended.

Hockey fans were “FEHRING” the WORST (pun intended) only to get a caffeine shot of optimism:

Half exhale, not bad as we all thought.

But of course the NHL owners are the equivalent of the Soviets marching through WWII Germany directing a scorched earth policy. I had a BAD, BAD feeling….


And in a New York minute Twitter brought the news of hockey ARMAGEDDON….



Dead On Jack, DEAD ON.

And just like that the NHL season is almost DEAD and flatlining with no paddles in sight.

So in just a matter of 4 days, NHL fans were put through a SOCIAL MEDIA MEAT GRINDER.

Back in 2005, there we news conferences, articles and then the final beheading of the season.

It was a CLEANER, SWIFTER DEATH by sword blade.

But in 2012, NHL fans became ADDICTED (myself included) to every minute deal, who was leaving, what they ate, and if they took a bathroom break.

And hanging on EVERY TWEET.

We were being BLED SLOWLY by real time information.

Now we have to deal with DEPRESSION, DISAPPOINTMENT, ANGER & HEARTBREAK yet again.

Because the Billionaires are SCREWING The MILLIONARIES.

BOTH of them in the end are SCREWING the business owners, venue workers and fans YET AGAIN.


The Burton Prophecy is looking more like the Mayan’s version.

The PODIUM OF HOPE is now saw dust….

I am DONE…this time FOR REAL in REAL TIME.



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