TOO BAD The Patriots Are Going To BREAK This SEXY Texans Fan’s Heart (VIDEO)

The Patriots and Houston Texans face off on Monday Night in a PIVOTAL AFC showdown tonight.

The winner will surely improve their chances at the number one seed in the conference.

NO DOUBT this will be one of the BEST games of the year.

My prediction: Patriots 34 Texans 20

People in Houston are NOT going to be HAPPY about this prediction especially MEGA Texans fan, La-La.

As you can see by this video, the Houston area TV personality is a DIE HARD fan of her favorite NFL team.

I just HOPE her eye make-up is WATER PROOF.

Love ya LA-LA, but NOT TONIGHT or in the playoffs because I am sure we will see the TEXANS again.

UPDATE: LA-LA took the whipping like a champ. The stakes were a $25 NFL Shop gift card & an autographed picture which I will post!



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