Patriots Fans PLEASURE: The Jets Were Even A JOKE In The 80’s, See Mark Gastineau (PHOTO)

(PHOTO: Buzzfeed Sports)

Wow, when I saw this poster of NY Jets defensive end Mark Gastineau from the 1980’s, I did TWO THINGS:

  1. Laughed my ASS off
  2. THREW UP in my mouth

There is NO disputing that Gastineau was a great pass rusher, but he was the GEICO caveman before the GEICO caveman.

Patriots quarterbacks of the era, Steve Grogan and Tony Eason may have feared Gastineau on the gridiron but laughed so hard that their sides burst after seeing this Jet cover in Crisco.

The NYJ was even a J-O-K-E back in the day.

 Pot of Baked Beans Goes To Buzzfeed Sports!

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