Bruins BEATS & TWEETS: LOST Stanley Cup Audio, Seguin Swiss SCI-FI & Ference Loves Jack (VIDEO)

BST&N’s Bruins BEATS & TWEETS will keep you updated on all the news OFF the ice about your favorite hockey team. We scour the internets & social media for all the content that will make you the Bruins “INSIDER” around the water cooler.

And to “try” to entertain you during this MADDENING work stoppage.


In this edition: Lost Stanley Cup Audio Uncovered, Seguin New Swiss Sci-Fi Hero & Ference Loves New Jack Edwards.



This is the LOST AUDIO of what GREEDY Gary Bettman really said when he awarded the Stanley Cup To Chara in 2011.

And this what Z really sounded like when he hoisted the HOCKEY HOLY CHALICE.



To say the Swiss have had a two month CHUBBY about Tyler Seguin & Patrick is an understatement. So much so that they made them both SCI-FI heroes. I just hope the NHL Strikes Back, ends this stupid f’n lockout & returns the boys HOME.



Looks like Bruins defenseman, Andrew Ference was watching NESN’s 258th rerun of Game 7 of the 2011 Cup Finals. He is a big fan of New Jack Edwards but NOTHING beats Dave Goucher’s call.



Pot of Baked Beans Goes To Masshole Sports!

2 comments on “Bruins BEATS & TWEETS: LOST Stanley Cup Audio, Seguin Swiss SCI-FI & Ference Loves Jack (VIDEO)”

  1. BigEdPVD says:

    I'm sure you guys have watched some of "Dafoomie's" videos on youtube. He has now outdone himself and done the full Game 7 of the SCF with Goucher and Beer's call dubbed in. All I can say about that is I need to profess my love for this guy right here, right now!

  2. joegill88 says:

    I have seen it. Its awesome!

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