Character Builder: Patriots Don’t MAIL IT IN Like The Texans In Failed Comeback Vs. Niners

Patriots & TB12 Fought Hard As Theur Comeback Fell Short Vs. Niners.

The New England Patriots dug themselves a HUGE hole versus the 49ers on Sunday trailing 31-3. Unfortunately, their shovel was not big enough as their furious comeback fell just short 41-34.

But their is a SILVER lining to this loss if there is such a thing.

The Patriots DID NOT GIVE UP.

They showed their BRASS BALLS. GUTS.

They DID NOT MAIL IT IN… the Houston Texans did six nights before.

The Houston Texans found themselves in the same situation as the Patriots. They were down early and often, but rather than rally and come together, they turtled.

They sat their starters and REFUSED to fight in their 42-14 throttling in Foxboro. Schaub and Foster were “resting” on the sidelines as their team got EMBARRASSED on national TV.

Not Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Tom Brady got pissed. He got ANGRY.

He had a face his kids NEVER want to see.

He was a man POSSESSED (443 yards passing, 1 TD, rushing TD & two INT’s). He put the team on his back.

After a lackluster and pretty putrid first half, TB12 and his team showed the heart of a champion not like a surrendering collection of CHUMPS  from Texas.

Even a DISAPPOINTING ¬†loss such as this can be a CHARACTER builder. For a young Patriots team, they learned that in the face of adversity not to “TURN TAIL”.

The Patriots MATURED in a loss to one of the league’s top teams. This will only help them during their playoff push.

Granted, the road will be a lot TOUGHER now, but New England now knows that they have “juevos” to go toe-to-toe with anyone in the NFL.


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