Don’t Count The Celtics Out Yet

Avery Bradley returns to full practice

Avery Bradley returns to full practice

Many fans had high hopes for the Boston Celtics this season with key additions to the roster and added talent. This season has been far from ideal and consistent thus far however for the Celtics. You would have to think it would take a little time for the team to bond and play with the chemistry of a championship caliber team with all of the new faces on the roster. They all need to get accustomed to their role on the new team. However, just over a quarter of the season has passed with 23 games played and the Celtics have a 12-11 record and sit in 3rd place in the Atlantic Division. Not what we were all hoping for as Celtics fans!

As many fans remember last year the Celtics made a strong run through the playoffs before eventually falling to the Miami Heat in the Conference Finals. You probably don’t recall much else from last season other than the lockout taking away part of it. Do you remember how the Celtics started the season? Were they a powerhouse all season just tearing through to the Conference Finals? Although the NBA did have a shortened season last year, 23 games into the season the Celtics had a 13-10 record. Not much different than this year. With that being said don’t count them out yet even if they haven’t met your expectations this year so far. With a full season this year there are still many games to play and the talent is there for them to still succeed.

The added skills from new members making their way onto the court including Jason Terry, Courtney Lee, Jared Sullinger and the return from Jeff Green and Chris Wilcox they have the talent to beat any team in the league. With veteran leaders in Pierce, Garnett and Rondo who know what it takes to win you can be sure that the Celtics still have some fire for the rest of the season!

Avery Bradley made his return to the court for practice this week after having surgery on both shoulders and missing seven months of basketball. This is another reason you should not count the Celtics out yet. Look for him to make his debut in the near future with his lockdown defense to hopefully help give the C’s that spark they need. Bradley proved himself last year to be a key part to the team. He was the backup for Rondo most of the year, and even found his way into the starting lineup towards the end of the year replacing Ray Allen. Doc Rivers has mentioned he likes Lee and Terry coming off the bench because they have produced well in that role, leaving the starting shooting guard spot open for Bradley upon his return.

The C’s don’t play a team with more then 13 wins in the next four games but that does not prove that they have easy matchups. The Celtics have lost to Milwaukee twice this year already and Brooklyn once. They take the hardwood tonight against Chicago who they beat back in the middle of November. The Celtics have what it takes and will turn this season into a successful year, so don’t lose hope!

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