Patriots Fans’ PLEASURE: The FUNNIEST Tweets About The Utter EMBARRASSMENT That Is The NY Jets

The Jets Went Out Like The Jets Only Know How.

The Jets Went Out Like The Jets Only Know How.

The only way to make a Patriots fan feel better after a TOUGH loss vs. the Niners, is to REVEL in the DISASTER that is the New York Jets. With their loss last night, Gang Green has officially been eliminated from playoff contention.

It wasn’t so much the end result than how COMICAL the Jets were offensively as they PUKED on their cleats YET AGAIN.

The “Sanchize” final stat line read (okay get ready to LAUGH your ass off): 13 for 28 for 131 yards with one TD and FOUR picks. Oh wait, don’t forget Mark Sanchez booting the ball away in a failed attempt to lead a game winning drive.

Thank god the Jets have Sanchez until 2016.

If the Mayans don’t off us, Patriots fans and the Twittersphere have four more years of PURE ENJOYMENT.



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