Where Does The Patriots’ Bill Belichick Rank In SI’s Top 10 BEST ALL-TIME Coaches?



There is little question that Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick will be inducted  to the NFL Hall Of Fame, it’s just a matter of when.

All he has done in his 18 years as a NFL head coach (5 years with Cleveland and 13 years with New England) is post a 185-101 regular season record.  If that wasn’t impressive enough, he is 17-7 in the playoffs including three Super Bowl Championships (out of 5 total appearances).  He is also 3 time AP coach of the year winner.

And his stellar career as assistant coach is nothing to shake a stick at.

So with that being said, where does “The Hoodie” rank in history amongst the other great coaching minds in NFL history?

Luckily, Sports Illustrated’s latest book, “Football’s Greatest” took on that daunting task.

You may be a very SURPRISED or even SHOCKED where William Stephen “Bill” Belichick ranks….

10. Bill Parcells  (TWO Super Bowls Titles, Reg. Season 172-130-1 , Post Season 11-8)-NY Giants, New England Patriots, NY Jets & Dallas Cowboys

9.  Joe Gibbs (THREE Super Bowl Titles, Reg. Season 155-94, Post Season 17-7 )-Washington Redskins (2x)

8. Tom Landry (TWO Super Bowl Titles, Reg. Season 250-162-7, Post Season 20-16)-Dallas Cowboys

7. Bill Belichick (THREE Super Bowl Titles, Reg Season 185-101, Post Season 17-7)-New England Patriots

6. Don Shula (TWO Super Bowl Titles,  Reg. Season 328–156–6 (went undefeated in 1972), Post Season 19-17)-Baltimore Colts & Miami Dolphins

NO ONE Will De-Throne The Great Vince Lombardi.

NO ONE Will De-Throne The Great Vince Lombardi.

5. George Halas (SIX NFL Titles, Reg. Season 318–148–31, Post Season 6-4)-Chicago Bears

4. Chuck Noll (FOUR Super Bowl Titles, Reg. Season 193-148-1 , Post Season 16-8 )-Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Bill Walsh (THREE Super Bowl Titles, Reg. Season 92-59-1,  Post Season 10-4)-San Francisco 49ers

2. Paul Brown (THREE NFL Titles, Reg. Season 166–100–6,  Post Season 4-8)-Cleveland Browns & Cincinnati Bengals

1.Vince Lombardi (SIX NFL Titles, TWO Super Bowl Titles, Reg. Season 96-34-6, Post Season 9-1)-Green Bay Packers & Washington Redskins

That is one hell of a list.

The who’s who collection of football masterminds, but is SI’s list dead on?

BST&N does not think so.  Paul Brown was the Cleveland Browns and had a great run with them prior to and when they joined the NFL.  He also founded the Cincinnati Bengals trying to stick it to the Browns after a bitter break up, but he is NOT Top 5 worthy especially with a 4-8 playoff record. Doesn’t look like a “rough and tough” road to his three NFL Titles.

With that being said here is the BST&N’s Top 5:

5. Bill Walsh-He had Joe Montana & he only coached 10 years.

4.George Halas-Same as Paul Brown, how tough was his road to six NFL Titles with a 6-4 playoff record?

3. Bill Belichick-Five Super Bowl appearances with three victories. He was probably ranked so low due to “Spygate”.

2. Chuck Noll-Four Super Bowl titles and a 16-8 playoff record speaks for itself.

1. Vince Lombardi-EIGHT total titles and he wrote the book on coaching.

Bill Belichick would pass Chuck Noll with TWO more Super Bowl victories. Noll was 4-0 in the big game.

What is your Top 5?

Let the debate begin!

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  • Si is just a rag and performance is what really should count. Everyone that knows football know where BB stands and it is certainly 1 or 2.

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