Patriots Fans’ PLEASURE: Mayans Spare World But NOT Jets, Sanchez Jerseys ONLY $10! (PHOTO)


(PHOTO: Terez Owens)

Well the Mayans may have spared the rest of the world, but the NY Jets have not so lucky.  The Jets’ DEMISE is in FULL BLOOM and Patriots fans are LOVING IT UP! New England fans still remember with great DISDAIN, Gang Green’s ARROGANCE after beating the Patriots in the 2010 playoffs.


Pats fans are doing “Braylon Edwards Back Flips” watching the NYJ IMPLODE from within.

The Jets have finished 8-8 and under .500 the last two seasons.

They trade for Tim Tebow (pure publicity STUNT) but NEVER play him.

They sign Mark Sanchez to a contract extension before the season and after a HORRIFIC 2012 campaign are now looking to trade him.

So Jets fans can stock up on his jersey for only $10 (see photo above) and can use it to change their oil or soak up their tears.

Perhaps fans of the NYJ can blame, Rex Ryan’s weight loss for their DEMISE.

They were much better when he was fat and licking toes.

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