Five Reasons Why Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski Should Play Vs. The Dolphins


Gronk Should Play In The Season Finale.

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is on the cusp of returning from a broken forearm that he suffered against the Colts. He has been out of action for almost 6 weeks and is listed as questionable for the season finale versus the Dolphins. Most seasons a game on the last weekend was meaningless, but not this year.

Gronk needs to play and here are FIVE reasons why he should:

  1. There is SOMETHING on the line. With a Texans loss versus the Colts or however unlikely a Broncos loss against Kansas City, New England would get a FIRST ROUND BYE with a victory.
  2. Gronk needs to get in game shape. He has not played a snap in six weeks and any primer for the playoffs could be nothing but beneficial.
  3. The Patriots offense needs to get their GROOVE back. New England’s offense has only been dominant only twice since his injury when they put up 42 on Houston and had a night of divine intervention with 49 points versus the lowly Jets. Since then they put up 23 versus both AFC Florida based teams and 31 against a Niners team playing prevent defense in the second half.
  4. Get the dynamic tight end duo back on the field together. Aaron Hernandez and Gronk are like the NFL’s version of Clark Kent and Superman, they seem to NEVER be at the same place at the same time. This game will give offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels the opportunity to tweak and tinker with his game plan before the post-season.
  5. Damn this kid is just a spark plug. NO ONE has more fun and brings more ENERGY to the football field than GRONK.

So Bill UNLEASH Rob Gronkowski tomorrow and play to WIN.

You know he will be all HOPPED up on Gronk Flakes and energy drinks!

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