Boston Bruins Fan’s SEGUINISTA RAP: Tyler Seguin! (On my Tyler Seguin Sh*t)

Ok folks, if this SEGUINISTA RAP doesn’t get your juices flowing for the Boston Bruins and Tyler Seguin returning to the ice…….you have NO PULSE.

Yes, I am an old white dude but I like rap and hip-hop too and this jam is DAMN GOOD.  I just can’t believe I haven’t heard this song until now.

I feel like a bobble head listening to this song as I dream about my BROMANCE #19 lighting up the Habs and/or Leafs for a hatty.

2010 Rookie Showcase

End the Friggin’ Lockout and give me my Tyler Seguin Sh*t!

NOTE: Sorry for the explicit lyrics, but this song is really good and creative. So we apologize if the language offended anyone.


Pot Of Baked Beans Goes To Kelly Faias!

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