Patriots Fans’ PLEASURE: Rex Ryan’s Tattoo Of His Half NAKED Wife With A Sanchez Jersey? (PHOTO)


(PHOTO: New York Daily News)

The SH*T Show that is the New York Jets just gets BETTER & BETTER.

Yesterday, we told you that Jets head coach, Rex Ryan was getting the F*ck out of Dodge for some R&R.  Well he was spotted on the beach in the Bahamas sporting some very INTERESTING INK.

Sexy Rexy now has a tattoo of his foot fetish loving wife. Remember her?

Not only is she half NAKED on his arm but she is sporting a Mark Sanchez #6 jersey. Well this now explains why   he tolerated Sanchez’s HORRIFIC play this season.

Hope Rex Ryan has a good tattoo artist because he will need to change up his ink soon.

Maybe a Greg McElroy #14  jersey?

Patriots fans must love that the NY Jets that have become the Lindsay Lohan of the NFL (ode to Toucher & Rich).

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